Brand New Warhammer 40K guy. Just started- finished a small Army of Space Marines. Would love to learn how to play. Yeah- I made an Army but don't even know how to play. Live in Winter Garden. Please advise if interested and patient enough to help me learn. Thanks for all!

Hello I live in Orlando and just got back into 40k and I'm looking for some more people to game with. I currently play with two of my friends but we're looking to find some more people that want to play. We are always down to play whenever we are not at work. Text me anytime. Thanks :) 305-877-3810 Joey

I play Dark Angels and my friends play Chaos and Space Wolves

I stay in Miami until September...someone can tell me if there are some warhammer 40K tournament in August here?

Anybody know what kind of glue is best when glueing Miniatures.

What games/systems do you all play?

Is there anyone else watching this? Feels so empty.....

I am in Port Richey. Always looking for a game of 40 K or similar . Dave
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