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So you are walking down the street doing whatever it is that you do and notice this on the ground as you walk. Did God just say "I love you" or was it pure happenstance?
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God Speaks to Us
Pure Coinsidence

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I am the tree of life - Julius Fann, Jr

I am of the tree of life. Not the tree as I, but then again I am. Within me I am of the Spirit life of this seed, and its roots which writes these words. A sprouting life shooting upwards to become the base, branches, leaves, and fruit of my Spirit. Should I not acknowledge this, my reality, and drawn from the substance sap of life from the earth, seed, base, branches, and fruit of all that I am of this whole, perfect, complete, and pure essence, I will only fall to the earth and begin again from the earth as the seed, roots, sprouting blade, then the ear, and finally the full corn in the ear. And so, it matter not what any other seed does, nor its angle of growth, it does not affect anything in the my reality, nor I theirs. All things are birthed from the same Life. Live within the arc of their thinking no matter how they think, and will die. Death, as living discriminates not

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Jan 2, 2003

Went back to my 1st(stillactive website) and found this early post of mine. I made a few adjustments.

No one can grasp the reality of Consciousness, because Consciousness is all there is. What man deems as consciousness is really conscious awareness. But even conscious awareness cannot be grasped because to be conscious of anything is an effect of thoughts. Man's thoughts do not originate in the mind's of men, because the mind is an effect of man's conscious awareness of only a fragment of the input of man's imagination; which finds a foundation to exist within, build upon and believe in according to the strength of the platform of his knowledge, and belief in good and evil, of opposites.

Consciousness is the Mind set of "law of the Spirit of life," which defies any law known to man. The law of Consciousness is infinite, meaning the laws known to man will not, and cannot support him infinitely. Man's consciousness changes. The Consciousness of the "law of the Spirit of life" does not. Consciousness is in the consciousness of man, but does not become man's consciousness because man's consciousness is finite, where Consciousness is infinite. This is why man's consciousness can only support itself temporarily, and therefore has to change.

This change is what man calls death. It is the withdrawal of the "law of the Spirit of life" from the conscious body of flesh mass man thought to be real. Yet, even with man's conscious awareness of the reality of the flesh now being revealed to be an effect within eternity (the arc between birth and death), the cause then is revealed to be Consciousness's continuum of being both the alpha and omega the beginning and end simultaneous.

Man is the consciousness of Spirit, yet Spirit is the only source of Consciousness.

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

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Are you a person who lives under the umbrella of realistic hope? J. Fann, Jr

What one political party will do for its constituents, but not for the other political parties constituents become an issue of true welfare for society. Most Political parties deal with policies of like beliefs with hope a change will come about in the structured mentality of the mass of people thinking and moral basis.

This is a Nation full of good people. Color has no nothing to do with ones goodness, it is upbringing, and prejudicial indoctrination. One day however, the entwining consciousness which links the earth, world, and all within will change America's a situation, for it will change the White elite thinking, and and cause both Black and White to rethink their responsibility to change the way they think, and thus, to change the structure of their living base for the betterment of the whole moral and spiritual code.

The history of the world has shown there is always people who deviate from the 'they say syndrome', and the double negative of the self-righteous prejudicial thoughts of this world because they live under the umbrella of realistic hope. This is the hope which eats away at one inner loyalty to be the change the world needs, or not to to be. It is the hope which makes one definitively know should changes be made, then they are the one's who have to step beyond the regularity of thought and doing of collective unison, in order to make changes for themselves, and to make other change their mind.

One woman whose daughter had been killed by a drunk driver step beyond the borders of social and national acceptance and MADD (MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING) became a reality.

Amber Frey parents stepped beyond the social and national acceptance, and the Amber Alert became a reality. Excuses not to advance is cowardice.

Had the black continued to wait on changes of the national structure, social economical, and voting rights the south would still divide the nation in disrespect to the American poor and people of color, and open apartheid would still be the norm in these United States of America.

Had the founder of AA not been willing to step upon the water of unexpressed possibilities, America would still be a drunken nation. Had not parents been concerned about the safety of their children,
their would be no child seats in automobiles today.

It is not the political norms which keeps men and the nation in
ignorant acceptance, it is one's lack of determination to make a
change in their lives, and thus, fail not only themselves, but all

Mythological limericks

Lest you think that mythology is all serious navel gazing and philosophizing. . . Thanks to Robert Morris (a photographer and member of the High Desert Mythological RoundTable) for these gems. I tried and tried to match his wit but without success, so if his limericks inspire you to test the form please post a comment and share the results.

The Bacchae

The Bacchae, quite mentally sick,
Will do anything for a kick;
One day for a laugh
They tear Penthy in half,
And bring home his head on a stick.

(For a full read click:)

Mythological limericks in THE POET'S FLAME Forum

Find Your Swing - by Julius Fann, Jr.............

To all my Brothers and Sisters, no matter the beliefs, creeds, color, gender, when we enter into this interval of awareness, we are in harmony with ourselves. An unbalanced conscious cannot enter through the veil of soul awareness with a dual mindset. Dualism is imprinted within the blood DNA of the parents we choose as vehicles of birth. But just our entrance into this parenthesis assures we are ready and capable of overcoming this problem. It is the reason for sentient birth.

Most men never step onward nor upwards. Mother Gaia's earthen intellect will not permit such, and will fight you until every last vestige of Her influence is no more. She keeps men bogged down in a quagmire of reverse static vibrations. You've seen these men, they are the schizophrenic who assume things. They are as a "tree which absorb everything, even the poison. They are as the golfer who has lost his swing and never found it. These are the imbalanced attitude we find in our everyday lives with people because they are the imbalance attitudes of ourselves.

Instead of looking for someone to give you respect, to understand you, to love you for who you are, remove the mask of misrepresentation which does not present to others that what you seek, and find the naturalness of you which will give you the balanced, harmony of Spirit's Principled Substance, and Patterned Essence of the universal law of creations rhythm. Find your nature of Christ in the life you represented when you moved through the veil, and you will realize "God in Christ (in you) reconciling the world unto himself."

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

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"The unknown Artist draws or paints a picture of infinite potentials.

Most people believe life is a preset game to be played out according what God has prescribed for them before they were born. Life is Potential, and ITS only requires the living of ITS Potentials with the Wisdom one individual man not only possess, but is the foundation, structure, and Temple of the Spirit flow going in and out and finding pasture. But not only that, people, believe God, from my point of view, is a genie at ones beck and call, for to them God is personal. People never consider, if one has a personal God, what then is the need for faith?

All men are caught up in the metaphor of living without any awareness of why. Caught up in the essence of That which spoke the Silence of Spirit substance into the form of "the brightness of Its glory, and express image of Its person. . .the light which lightest every man who cometh into the world, [and] came in the likeness of sinful flesh" The spoken Word objectified as "Let there be light" Light that be ["And there was light"] the brightness of glory and express image of "the living Word [Christ]. The metaphor is seen in the picture. Can anyone tell what the picture is?

The unknown Artist draws or paints a picture of infinite potentials. To the soul the picture displays a sentient object representing life begetting a subject of life, and that subject being carried until death give back to life so life can, by death of individual sentient units, return to the Silence of Spirit. Whether or not this is what the Artist was experiencing when placing the infinity of potential upon the canvass of intent and purpose is for His understanding, not mine. However, once the images is display in the omnipresent eye of conscious comprehension, it no longer belongs to the Artist exclusively, it be longs to heirs of consciousness, and specifically those who interpret it from their experience mentally or spiritually. All sentient experience begins before images. This is why no images can depict sentient reality, for reality is issued forth from the Silence of Life where Spirit is and matter is not. And should one ever be able to still their thoughts without sleep overtaking them, they will comprehend "Before Abraham was, I am." Christ is saying I was never born, and therefore I could never be dying" - Julius Fann, Jr
Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

No one should allow that which is truly their to slip away

During my living upon the earth, I, as other people are starved for the truth in some form or matter. Starved because my human intellect can't see beyond itself, nor its belief in the knowledge of good and evil. So in seeking to find and eat the fruit of truth, I discovered this unit must taken out of its intellect and moved into its heart's secret place. It is from within the heart, I've discovered, truth comes alive as the activity of the second in one's conscious awareness, and cast down intellectual theories, ideas, opinions, and human interpretations.

People are starved for the truth because they never are allowed, by the human mind, to bring forth Pure Spirit, or to pursue dreams of their Spirit destiny. Instead their human mind continuously enhance the influence of another person's dreams, ideology, and the path of 'they say'. At night people go to bed thinking about someone's else job, or how beautiful another looks, or how much money someone else makes, or the things someone else has told them, good or bad, or another's philosophy. And in the morning upon arising, people are filled with everything not theirs, but others people's psychological religious beliefs, and impression made upon them.

No one should allow that which is truly their to slip away from them because they have not caught that vision of potential the universe has set upon them. No amount of fear, or what 'THEY SAY' is right or wrong, good or evil should make any individual unit disregard the gift of God is that which can truly feed them, or quench their thirst for truth, and carry them through all the test of the suffering and struggling this world shall place upon them. - Julius Fann, Jr.
Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

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To believe everything and everyone has a purpose would mean we would have to accept tragedy as a "Good Thing"

#AnthonyDColon #Purpose #GoodThing #Tragedy

Is tragedy a Good Thing?

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