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Swordsman skilled at melee attacks with swords or rapiers. They take the lead, raising the rest of the party's morale.

A class that weakens enemies at a distance from the shadows with throwing knives, or uses two blades to go in for the kill.

This class uses its heavy armor to act as a party's shield. Their mace attacks give them offensive heft as well.

They pick off enemies from a distance with their bows. They can accurately hit enemy weaknesses, thereby binding body parts.

Healers that treat the party's wounds. Their knowledge of anatomy and biology assists in disabling your foes.

They control elements in the air using runes as a catalyst, which is highly effective against enemies that resist normal attackers.

Not only can they assist or heal allies, their sword dances are deadly to behold.

A race of casters from unnamed lands. Their circles inflict crippling effects, and can be released to attack or heal.

A warrior race that's comfortable with a mace or katana. They can enter Blood Surge to sacrifice their health for more power.

Loyal knights who use a unique drive blade. Attacks with it can be devastating, but place a heavy burden on its inner workings.



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Name: Zelda
Age: 15 (I don't know her age so)
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Medic
Weapon: None
Bio: (if you play skyward sword you should know her full bio i would say but i don't wanna spoil all of it) Shes the princess of Skyloft

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Name: chibiterasu
Nick name: chibi
gender: Male
Age: 12
Race (if allowed): wolf
Class: Landsknecht
Human Weapon: Wooden sword. (gear will get beater)
Human Armor: cloth
Wolf weapon: Wooden sword on his back
Wolf armor: None yet.
Apperiance: pic. (and i know the human looks girlish but this is a guy.)
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Name: Melody Fain 
Age: 19
Gender: female
Class: Dancer
Weapon: six blades that she has hidden on her body
Bio: must ask her personally about the matter of hand
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Name: Mordred Knight
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Imperial
Weapon: One longblade that rivals the holy sword Excalibur. The blade's name is Treacherous Knight
Bio: Mordred used to be a carefree, lone warrior who kept to himself. But his power was classified unstable. He never drew his weapon until a few short days later. In the heat of a clash, one major accident caused him to never take ahold his blade. He stayed within the confines of his office, forever known as the man with the red eye....
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Name: Higure (Meaning dusk)
Age: (Body age is 19)
Gender Female
Warrior Class: Nightseeker
Weapons: Two poisonous daggers, unlimited supply of mini knives (to throw at enemy)
Bio: Woke up one day in darkness with no memory whatsoever. 
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Name: Nero (left)
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Class: Sniper
Weapon: cross bow
Bio: i don't tell my past to pests like you
Abilities: perfected accuracy for long range but not any further than ten meters
Name: Chaos (right)
Age: looks to be fifteen
Gender: male
Class: Landsknecht
Weapon: long swords
Bio: a half-blood arch-demon with very little of a past
Abilities: can find multiple spots to hit before attacking or being attacked once
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(open to any) Nero sits in a tree watching as chaos is training using only long swords on a hand made practice dummy several feet away from the tree

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Shurui is running across a largely overgrown area of the woodlands, he slides under a big curved gnarled log and stops near a stump. Near that stump is a small tent and put out campfire, he's been resting out here for a little while. Shurui exhales happily and wipes a little bit of sweat from his forehead. Phew! That has to be my best time so far! Alright. One more full circle lap and I'm done! he then breaks into a run again, careful to watch his surroundings.

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