For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Vermont
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looking for Jim and mary ( o'rourke ) Stewart. we know they were in vermont, Franklin we think,. Mary died in vermont around1907.
jim's son Thomas b. Stewart is my great great grandfather. thomas married harriet Louisa cooper before 1900 census and moved to missouri.
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Hello Jetta,

You will find quite a few records for them on FamilySearch which is FREE.

Name: Thos. B. Stewart
Birthplace: Vermont
Spouse's Name: Hattie L. Cooper
Event Date:08 May 1874
Event Place: Hudson, St. Croix, Wisconsin
Father's Name: James Stewart
Mother's Name: Mary Stewart
Spouse's Father's Name: John Cooper
Spouse's Mother's Name: Louisa Cooper
Race:White Spouse's Race: White
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00840-1 , System Origin: Wisconsin-EASy , GS Film number: 1275538 , Reference ID: p 91, cn 35
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Chuck Herrick

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I have a very extensive, confirmed family tree, but we have been working to discover the father of my maternal great-great grandfather. I have Civil War pension records for his son, my great grandfather Sylvetus Christopher English b. 13 Nov 1841 in Oswego, NY, d. 26 Apr 1939 in Oak Run, CA but we haven't been able to untangle the mystery of his father, George Hunter English, b. 1 May 1804 or 1807 in Bennington County, VT to Elizabeth Hunter, father unknown. My parents traveled extensively to churches and graveyards in Vermont and New York a few years ago, but weren't able to find anything.

Any suggestions or recommendations for where to restart the search?
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Hello Terily,
Well tomorrow I'm on the hunt for some relatives in the New York areas and I will add your George Hunter English and see if I can turn up anything for you.  Take care.  Beverly Henry
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