Looking for info on Zoe Louise Picard, born about 1871 in St. Johnsbury, died July 21, 1938 in Haverhill MA. Married Alfred L. Valley, possibly of MA.

I am looking for info for Ormond Farrar B. Vermont 1823
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I’m following up on my post regarding information on Betsey Alden. Based on my continuing research, I’ve determined that the Betsey Alden who is our documented ancestor is NOT the daughter of Caleb Alden and Susanna Dunbar. This makes the search more challenging, as I have not been able to identify her parents or document her birth.

I continue to appreciate any assistance or guidance you can offer.

I'm looking for information on Betsey Alden. Census records indicate she was born in Jamaica, VT in 1797. Her parents may be Caleb Alden and Susanna Dunbar of Lyme, NH although this has not been confirmed. She married Lewis Cady of Reading, VT and they lived most of their lives in Essex, NY. I'm seeking records to confirm her parents, her birth in Jamaica, and her eventual marriage to Lewis Cady. I'm grateful for any assistance you can provide. Thank you.

I am looking for the parents of Letty Capron born in East Charleston, Orleans, VT in February 1796.  She married Jabez Clough in 1818 in Quebec, Canada.  Any info is appreciated.

looking for family of my great grandmother, as I just found out they lived in Addison. My great grandfather went to Middlebury college. I do not know the years, but it must have been in the 50's. Last name is Wynn. They rented from Mae Reed, but I do not know the location, just that it was a farm.

looking for Jim and mary ( o'rourke ) Stewart. we know they were in vermont, Franklin we think,. Mary died in vermont around1907.
jim's son Thomas b. Stewart is my great great grandfather. thomas married harriet Louisa cooper before 1900 census and moved to missouri.

I have a very extensive, confirmed family tree, but we have been working to discover the father of my maternal great-great grandfather. I have Civil War pension records for his son, my great grandfather Sylvetus Christopher English b. 13 Nov 1841 in Oswego, NY, d. 26 Apr 1939 in Oak Run, CA but we haven't been able to untangle the mystery of his father, George Hunter English, b. 1 May 1804 or 1807 in Bennington County, VT to Elizabeth Hunter, father unknown. My parents traveled extensively to churches and graveyards in Vermont and New York a few years ago, but weren't able to find anything.

Any suggestions or recommendations for where to restart the search?
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