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Anyone alive out there want to Rp?

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Name:Kate Green
Weapon:Twin daggars, bow and arrow
Godly parent:Pan
Bio:She grew up in the forest. After her mother was killed by a cyclopes, she randomly came across the hunters. She liked them so much, she stayed.
Powers:can talk to animals, and can make plants grow in any way shape or form.
Outfit:Light shirt and Pants, sometimes wears jacket or cloak. Disconnected sleeves.
Fatal flaw:To trusting. she always gives a second chance.
Pets:None yet
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((Continue Rp cuz our old one ran out of space XD))

Open +Hades Prophet 

Kate sits on one of the branches of a tree, having a nice chat with a sparrow about her eggs, when you,

(Open Rp)

Marina walks over into the training area and sees Alejandro.

((Closed to +Nico di Angelo))

Hao was out for a walk at night when Rachel Dare came up to me and spoke a prophesy 'Child of magic beware the dark sail the seas and find the cure for the darkness that haunts you'

((Open RP))

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He he...

Hao sat under a large Oak tree carving a small statue

((Open RP no need to ask))

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Name: Hao FlameStar
Nickname: Hao
Age: 16
Appearance: see picture
Bio: My mother (Hecate) had fallen in love with a aspiring warlock and had me my dad was killed in an explosion at his workshop
Pet: a small black dragon named hiro
Secrets: am harboring a demon in my body
Likes: Cooking/baking, blacksmithing, and being alone
Dislikes: bullying
Weapon: Sword, shield, Magic
Crushes: none yet
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