Today we discussed how to move this project forward. We have come to a point in which we need to create a structure and assign roles to different members of the group. We need to come up with a mission statement and a member of the group took that initiative. There were roughly 20+ people in attendance, including members from OSU to discuss their plans. Easter Seals also attended so they can pass the word to other parents regarding our plans. The architect advised that he registered us as an LLC and that he copyrighted the plans in order to protect the intellectual property. We talked about how we can make this a financially sustainable project as well as where the community will be located. The architect mentioned that there is a vacated retirement home in Hilliard that never opened (can't recall the reason..funding maybe?) It currently would house 150 residents and is said to be HUGE. There would be zoning issues, but they didn't seem to be as concerned about that, so perhaps there is hope with this avenue? We also mentioned the need to lobby to show the Government that this wouldn't be an institution and that this community is needed for our loved ones when the day comes that we are no longer able to provide/care for our loved ones. We have some brilliant minds in the group and we just need to determine the next steps to keep the momentum going. We closed the meeting by going over the blueprints again to discuss the road issue as we would want to move that to the perimeter since a lot of our kiddos still struggle with pedestrian rules.
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