I'm listening to music in my dorm while doing math homework, frustrated I broke my pencil in half  I need to do something other the school work.. I hear a knock on the door
COME IN I yell

Can someone rock with me...

Name: Jazzy Mathews
Age: 12
Legacy: Athena
Parent: Apollo
Talents/Powers: singing, poetry , and very cunnning
Physical Features: athletic, emerald eyes, chocolaty curls
Hobbies: singing, pulling pranks
Weapons of Choice: bow and arrow
Lucky Number: 5
Personality:mischievous, always happy, very sociable
Likes: singing
Flaw: to loyal to friends
Strength: very sneaky
Friends: nearly everyone
Enemies: all monsters and children of ares 

Can we change our legacy? +Fantasy Days +Sneha Rachamadugu +Withered Miracles 

(This is for the Oracle Challenge)

Name: Sabrina Warner

Nicknames: Bri, Rina, and The Bookworm (only with super close friends)

Age: 14

Parent/Legacy: Daughter of Apollo and Legacy of Helios, the Titan

Powers: She has good hunches, make a lonely place seem happier by walking in, and can sometimes maneuver sunlight.

Looks: She has loose curls of blonde hair that reach her elbows. Sometimes, streaks of orange, red, and gold appear on her hair when she's focused, tense, worried, or just plain angry. She has light brown eyes that turn almost gold in sunlight. She's a medium height and she has a slight tan.

Personality: Outgoing, fun, happy, caring, can be talkative. Sarcastic and protective if she wants to be. She also loves to read.

Friends: Anyone that accepts her. If not...

Talents: Painting, singing (although she won't admit it), and a little bit of writing and cooking.

Weapon of choice: Pure sun rays (when she can control it). If not, a Celestial Bronze Sword. If on a hasty quest or adventure, Twin Gold Daggers.

Back story: She rarely talks about her past life with anyone. This is the one thing she will not open up to.

I was in the woods, just looking around, when I heard a growl. I tensed, and stopped walking. Slowly, I summoned Tsunami and moved in a circle. Suddenly, something leaped out of the woods and I jumped back. It was a cheetah cub, possibly four or five months old. I relaxed a bit, but still gripped my sword. It was sniffing the air, obviously smelling something. I had saved a bit of ham from breakfast and put it in my pocket, intending to eat it later. Carefully, I broke off a piece and gently tossed it to the cub. At first, it backed up and snarled at me. I remained motionless. Finally, hunger got the best of him and he inched towards the meat, eyeing both me and it. He plunged into the food, as if he hadn't eaten of weeks. I stepped a bit closer to him. He let out a deep rumble from his throat, but didn't move. He had been trained by family to be wary of strangers, I could sense that. I backed up, leaving him to finish up the rest of the meat. I turned and began walking back. I pricked up my ears and heard a small rumble. It was the cub. He was still hungry. I grinned and gave him the rest of the ham. He ate it fast but still didn't move. I started walking again. I felt fur brush up against my legs. The young cub was following me. I slowly squatted down. "You've gotta go back now," I said softly. "I can't take care of you." I stood up and kept walked. Suddenly, I heard a whoosh of air as the cub appeared right in front of me. I jumped back again, startled. "Did you just jump over me?" I asked. Of course, he didn't respond. From then on, I decided to keep him, temporarily, until I could find him a new place to live. I had to hide him in my room everyday while I went to my classes. I visit him every lunch and give me a part of mine. He still growls, and he won't eat from my hand, but he doesn't try to run away. Yet. I haven't thought of a name. And I'm still thinking...

I somewhat shyly take out my violin and begin to tune.

I'm twirling a pencil with my fingers, bored out of my mind, staring at the clock. I already finished the worksheet and the mini task. I pull out a piece of paper and begin to draw not noticing the next assignment we had to do with a partner.

I glance at my schedule, looking for my dorm room number. Room #74, I say aloud to no one. I turn right, then left, but wind up on a different hallway. They should have signs here. mumbling

I groan loudly and sunk my head back down into my folded arms. Math was only thirty minutes through, and I was beyond bored. Just for fun, I snapped my gum and tried to blow a bubble at the same time. It completely backfired and I nearly choked. The teacher stared at me. I acted casual and looked at the board. Slowly, I chewed my gum again.
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