My apologies again for delays. Dealing with a really stressful situation right now and am trying to get the money up to make a major emergency move

Sorry about the playtest delay. I have to fix a couple of things on the playtest material tonight and put the revised packet up for download, then I'll put the playtest together on Myth-weavers and post that so we can officially kick this thing off! 

Due to difficulty finding enough interested players directly on G+, I'll be moving the playtest to myth-weavers where It should be much easier to find a couple more players

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It's here!!! The basic 1st-level playtest material is ready!

For this round of info, I've created a zip file of short PDF"s with the most basic info to create characters and get things rolling. It's nothing fancy, but it's enough to get started and see what is needed from there.

Good news! The initial playtest material (at least enough to get the PbP playtest started WILL BE ready this evening so the character creation process can begin!

I'll be posting the link to the packet download this evening

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Tomorrow evening, the gaming gods wiling, I'll have enough prep material together that interested players can begin getting their characters together for the PbP playtest so we can get things kicked off sometime between mid-week and next weekend. Cross your fingers!

Anyone interested in joining or just watching the playtest as it happens, simply join the Hakkenslash PbP community. I still need another player or two

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Need some help from the pros here lol, Ran into something I've been overlooking for quite a bit now.

Considering the Classless situation, I've missed that I have a 'spells per day' on the Wisdom table (for nearly 3 years now....ouch!)

I'll be deleting the SPD column. Any thoughts or suggestions on what might go there? Or should I create basic classes?

It's possible I could just leave that blank for now and see what comes out of playtesting...

Trying to get this thing finished over the next couple of weeks, and thinking I should break it down into a folder of multiple PDF's similar to what WotC did during the 5e play test. This would make it easier than trying to rework a full PDF book form each time I update newer play test material, I think.

Still quite a bit of work to do getting the new material together. Was hoping by next weekend, but won't be too much longer. Maybe another couple of weeks, but it's coming!
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