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Pig explosion
There was a pig explosion today, a day where pigs are spawned in a deep hole with creepers and get exploded. What happens is someone lights a creeper and it explodes, causing all pigs to die. The alive pigs go through a second round with more creepers! They eventually all get killed. It's a celebration BPT ( Baby Pig Torture ) and PTAKOM ( Pig Torturers and killers of Minecraft ) created and now over 1,000 minecraft players that work with them do it each year. The celebration is for themselves since they have killed and tortured over 10 million pigs! They now are killing 100 more by exploding them! They eat all the meat! After the 3 rounds, leftover pigs are trapped with flames around them and burn to death. Now they get cooked porkchops too!Adult pigs are included, teen pigs are included and even BABY pigs are included!!! It's incredible! The last pic is of a baby pig that escaped the deep hole. He was the tiniest piglet out of all of them so when he got exploded, he went so high that he landed JUST before the hole! He had 1 in a half hearts left but regenerated quickly as he ran! He looked behind himself quickly to see his father explode! He quickly looked away with tears in his eyes! Up ahead he saw an adult pig! He ran over for shelter, but he got there right when someone killed her! He kept running! He got so tired and his tiny legs were weak from the explosion. He heard a loud explosion as he saw pigs flying everywhere! They all died. Even his best friend who also was a baby! He squealed and cried as he heard all squeals coming from every pig! His father was dead, his friend was dead, wait! Mom is alive! Then right there he saw his mother with a lead tied to her! She pulled with all her might to get to him but then, was stepped on. She was laying on her side crying and squealing with Katrina ' s (evil player/pig killer and hater and torturer) foot pressed hard on her back! The baby pig watched in terror as Katrina took out an axe! His mother shook her head no to Katrina with tears coming down her eyes. All of a sudden, SQUEAL!!! Katrina jabbed her with the axe! Blood went everywhere! She was dead. The baby pig cried and cried nonstop! Now he was alone! Then, he sat down, looking down. He remembered his parents, his friends....everything. All his friends were dead and same with his parents. He was alone and sad and scared! Just then, be heard shouts saying "HE'S OVER THERE!!!" and "GET HIM!!!" He looked up and saw Katrina and a whole ARMY of people behind her running towards him. He jumped up and ran! Katrina was getting closer! Then she grabbed his tail! "GOT HIM!!!" She SHOUTED! He squealed and squealed, cried and cried while trying to grab onto the ground and pull himself! Then, Katrina put a lead around his neck. He was done for. She pulled SO hard! The baby pig couldn't hold on anymore as he let go. Katrina flew fast as he was dragging fast behind her. It hurt so much! He had bruises all over him when he got to where the explosion was! There were no pigs in sight! All pigs had exploded! There were dead pigs EVERYWHERE and SO much meat! Tears in his eyes, he saw his dad, mom and best friend's bodies. All friends=dead! Katrina must've seen him running right away because there was a trap all ready for him! Katrina tied him to the trap post. He looked down. Below him was pure air. When she untied him, he will be falling through the world. He will FEEL no air and die automatically. He won't be able to breathe. Tears went everywhere! "You get a DOUBLE PUNISHMENT!!!" Katrina shouted. "THIS IS GONNA BE A TERRIBLE LIFE FOR YOU, YOU BACON BUTT JERK! WE ALL HATE YOU AND YOU NEVER WILL BE LOVED, EVER!!!!!! NOW COME THE PUNISHMENT!!!" Katrina punched the baby pig 100 times! He got a black eye and was bruised at all places! "THATS NOT EVEN THE PUNISHMENT! FIRST I NEED TO NAME YOU!!!!" She shouted. "YOUR NAME IS JERK HEAD!!!! FOR RUNNING AWAY, YOU WILL BE KILLED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! YOU WILL STILL BE A SMALL TINY BABY!!! And you DONT GET A BIRTHDAY PRESENT! NO CARROTS OR ANY THING FOR YOU, JERK HEAD!!!" Jerk Head cried and cried! He wasn't ready! He was only 1 month old!! "NOW MY FAVORITE PART, THE PUNISHMENT!!! Or in this case, A DOUBLE PUNISHMENT!!!!!!" Katrina took out her axe again. It was all bloody from when she killed his mom! She punched him right in the nose (snout)! He had a nosebleed. Katrina grabbed Jerk face's little tiny tail and raised her axe high in the sky behind her! Jerk face cried and cried! He squealed and squealed! He shaked and looked behind him to see Katrina pull his tail. It hurt SOOOOOOO much! He cried and squealed VERY loudly! Not the tail! Katrina kept Jerk Face's tail straight as she put the axe HIGHER in the sky! Katrina quickly chopped off Jerk face's tiny tail! There was only a tiny, small piece left of it! It was bleeding though. Blood went EVERYWHERE and Jerk face SQUEALED! He squealed as loud as ever! "SSSSQQQQQUUEEAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!" Blood was all over the place and Jerk face cried. That was only the FIRST punishment and it was TERRIBLE! Jerk Face felt the pain! His whole face was teary and wet! "SO, WHADDYA THING ABOUT THAT!!!?!? HUH!? ONLY THE FIRST OUT OF 1 MILLION!!

2 months later....

It had been 2 whole months since Jerk Head's tail was painfully chopped off. He had been punished every day, bullied, pushed, punched and SO much more! He STILL had a black eye. It got worse each day because it was punched each day. He had so many bruises too! It was like Katrina was trying to REALLY hurt that one eye cause she had only punched the other twice. But new news, it was his birthday!He was so excited! He forgot all about how today was his second punishment. Then, he remembered. He forgot because he's been hanging. He got worried right away! He then saw Kala (another pig hater,torturer and killer) put up a poster of him near him. Jerk Head watched in silence, scared. Then, he saw Katrina. He froze and cried. Uh oh! Katrina was holding a bow and arrow! She shot the picture of him right in the face! Was this the punishment?!? Katrina grabbed Jerk Head's leg and pulled him off the post. She flew fast and pushed him into a Minecart! "Second PUNISHMENT!!!!" She shouted. She spawned in 2 baby pigs about the same age as Jerk Head and put them in 2 minecarts too! She clicked a button and the minecarts went back in forth slowly. She got her friends and they all took a bow and 64 arrows out of a chest. "1st round!" Katrina said happily. 3 of her friends waited there turn as Katrina, Kara and Olivia (another pig hater, killer and torturer) got out their bows. "We each get 3 tries to shoot the baby pigs in the face. 20 points in the face, 100 points in the snout ,1,000 points in 1 eye and 2,000 points in both eyes! The winning team works together to kill this baby pig!" She said, pointing to a tiny pig in a cage. It was crying and trying to escape! Jerk Head looked at it in horror. This was the prize!? "What if I die!?!" Jerk Head thought to himself. "3,2,1 GO!!!" Katrina was aiming for Jerk Head, Kara was aiming for a baby pig called Pork butt and Olivia was aiming for one called BaconButt. Kara shot Pork butt in the face and snout. Pork butt cried and squealed. "120 points for our team so far!" Katrina said,smiling. Olivia shot BaconButt in the eyes. BaconButt squealed and cried out blood. "I'm next! Poor BaconButt!!!!I hope that doesn't happen to me!!" Jerk Head thought. "AWESOME! now we have 2,120 points! My turn!!!" Katrina said. She pulled out her bow and aimed directly at Jerk Head. "Oh no! HELP ME!!!" Jerk Head said in his head. Katrina shot at Jerk Head. The arrow went right into his snout. He bled, squealed and cried! "OWWWW" Jerk Head shouted. Katrina couldn't hear him, only a loud squeal. She seemed to know what he was saying because she grinned in an evil way at Jerk Head. Jerk Head cried. He was bleeding AGAIN!!! "We have 2,200 points." Katrina said happily. Katrina ' s 3 other friends waiting did there game with 3 different baby pigs near the Butcher’s shop. "Second round!" Katrina said. "What we will do Is what we were planning." Katrina added. On the second round Kara shot Pork Butt in the left eye, Katrina shot Jerk Head in the face and Olivia shot BaconButt in the face, top of the snout and killed her. "Extra 10 points for killing her!" Jerk Head cried and cried, his face hurt and he fell in love with BaconButt! Now his true love was dead! "Great job everyone! We got 3,160 points!" Katrina said. The other team came. "We got 2,130 points." We killed them all too." "Then we won! We got 3,160 points! We killed 1. Let's give this one to the butcher." Katrina said, pointing at Pork Butt. Pork Butt shaked. He was scared. "Great idea!" They all said. Katrina pulled Pork Butt's tail hard and put a lead on him as he was taken away. The butcher was just across from them and they all went over. Jerk Head was alone crying, bleeding, and bruised. He was scared. He looked over and saw Katrina give the butcher frightened little Pork butt. The butcher pushed Pork Butt to the table he uses to slaughter pigs. He made Pork Butt lay on his side. Pork Butt had tears going down his face and he was terrified!!! The butcher got out an axe and slaughtered poor little Pork Butt! Pork Butt squealed as blood went everywhere. Jerk Head cried and cried and cried!!! "You can take a sample!" Said the butcher as he got out a knife and cut off Pork Butt ' s left leg and right leg. He washed the blood off and cut pieces of it. He gave some of Pork Butt's body parts to Katrina and the gang. "Yummy!" They all said. Katrina pulled out the arrows from Pork Butt ' s dead body and put them in Olivia ' s bag. "Here." She said to Olivia. "Thanks!" Olivia said back. Katrina looked and saw Jerk Head staring at Pork Butt ' s tiny dead body with tears in his eyes. Katrina went over and got the cage with the baby pig in it. She grabbed her axe and some string. "Keep his legs together and stand on his left side of his body." She told her friends. They did so. The baby pig had tears going down his face and he was crying. He squealed each second. Kara tied the baby pig's legs together while Olivia stood on his left side. As the baby pig let out a loud squeal, Katrina slaughtered the poor baby pig. Jerk Head was speechless. Katrina shared the meat with her friends and the leftovers were thrown away. Katrina went over to scared, crying Jerk Head. She grabbed a lead and tied it around his neck. Then, dug a tiny hole and pushed Jerk Head in. He couldn't escape! Then, Katrina got out a torch and put it on one block. She got a grass block and put it at the open spot. Jerk Head was trapped, starving. It was dark except for the torch. She put it there so Jerk Face could see that he was trapped. A few seconds later, she broke the block and tied a lead on Jerk Head. She flew fast. She stopped at a place with a big wooden thing. There was a big spot and 2 tiny spots in it that were cut out. Every single person working with BPT and PTAKOM were there sitting it seats. Katrina pushed Jerk Head's head into the hole. It really hurt his neck and he could almost choke! Katrina then pushed his tiny front legs into the tinier holes. Jerk Head had a block that he stood on sick he was just a baby. Katrina sealed the box. It was hard to breathe and Jerk Head couldn't escape. It was still his birthday so he knew he was about to die. Katrina stood on a diamond block near the wooden box thing he was in. "Hello, my friends! Today this stupid baby pig escaped my pig exploding ceremony. You all know and use punishments and double punishments and this Jerk got a double punishment! this is the LAST place any misbehaving pig goes. I named this ugly, stupid baby pig Jerk Head,since his head shall be chopped off today. He also is a stupid, Bacon butt loser Jerk!!!! So let's watch this baby pig experience his last, terrible moment on earth! AND the worst birthday EVER!!! His first punishment was getting his tiny tail chopped off and now.... His whole head and feet will be chopped off too!" Katrina told everyone. "WHAT!? NO NO NO!! DONT CHOP OFF MY FEET AND HEAD... PLEASE!!!!!! GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE!! PPPLEEEASSE!!! IM ONLY A BABY!!!!" Jerk face said, scared, crying,bleeding and bruised. He cried as Katrina went into a chest nearby. She took out a shiny iron axe. Everyone saw Jerk Head cry. They were all laughing at him and chanting "KILL THE PIG, KILL THE PIG,KILL THE PIG, KILL THE PIG!" Jerk Head cried, squealing with terror. Katrina raised her hand with the axe, standing right beside the wooden box with poor little Jerk Head in it. She grabbed his face and pulled it more to her. "OWWWWW!!! STOP PLEASE!! PLEASE STOP NOOOOOOOO HELP ME!!!!!!" Jerk Head squealed. She held one of his tiny legs and raised the axe. "I BEG YOU!!! PLEASE! I'M INNOCENT! NOOOOOO!" Jerk Head cried with tears going down his face. Katrina chopped off his right foot/leg. Jerk Head squealed SOOOOOOO LOUD!!! Blood dripped off of the rest of his leg. "SSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! NOOOOOO! NOW ITS GONNA BE MY LEFT LEG THEN MY HEAD AND I DIE!!!!!! SSSSTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!!!!" He cried. Everyone cheered! They kept chanting "KILL THE PIG, KILL THE PIG!!!". Jerk Head cried as blood from his leg went everywhere. Katrina chopped off his left leg too. "OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" Jerk Head cried. Jerk Head squealed SOOOOOOO LOUD Again!!!!!!!!!!!SSSSSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLL!!! Katrina held the axe above Jerk Head's neck. "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :'( :'( :'(" Jerk Head cried. "Now what we all have been waiting for!" Katrina shouted, "THE CHOPPING OF THE HEAD!!!!" "PLEASE NO STOP NOW NO NO NOOO NOO HELP ME SAVE ME STOP I'M INNOCENT WWWWAAAAHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Katrina raised the axe. "YOU WERE A JERK AND YOU WERE NEVER LOVED!!!! WE ALL HATE YOU!!!" Katrina chopped off Jerk Head's head as a VERY , VERY, VERY LOUD squeal echoed the room. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!"
Blood went EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Everyone cheered as blood dripped off Jerk Head's head. Katrina opened the sealed wooden box and yanked Jerk Head's tiny body out of the box. She stood on the diamond block and held it above her head. "NO pig escapes us!!!!!!!" She shouted. She kicked and punched Jerk Head's dead body. Then They ate it. Katrina hung Jerk Head's head on the wall and stabbed the sword into the middle. That was Jerk Head's sad story. He's not alive, in heaven or anything. He's truly gone.
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