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New M20 revised update is out there for download. This is a content focused update.

Once I get a round of feedback from the community I'll actually focus on a more space efficient layout.

Hey guys, any idea where this group is going when G+ goes away?

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RetroRoleplaying's EVERYTHING for $29.95 Bundle -- Take Two
Government Reopening Sale

Last month, to celebrate the new year bundled every game we've published into a single "Everything" bundle for $29.95 (less if you already owned some of our games).* Unfortunately this one week sale was during the US government shutdown and several people told me they wanted to take advantage of the offer but could not because they were not being paid (even though they were required to work in some cases). Now that the government has reopened and government workers are getting paid again, I've decided to repeat the January offer by making this low priced "Everything we have published" bundle available for another SEVEN days. This bundle includes all of our games, paid and pay-what-you-want. Yes, this includes our most popular paid games -- Microlite74 Ultimate Edition, BX Advanced, Microlite81 Advanced Expanded Edition, Microlite78 First Edition Lite Expanded, Microlite20 Comprehensive Edition.

You can get the bundle on RPGNow:

or on DriveThruRPG

What's the catch? This bundle will only be available for seven (7) days. One week. After February 7th, this bundle will disappear. So if you'd like to get a large number of games for a very low price, you'll need to act fast.

Looking for a good adventure generator for M20. Any ideas where to look first?

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The second edition of Microlite78 First Edition Lite is now available in PDF for $7.50.

The 236 page PDf contains the complete rules for the Microlite78 First Edition Lite, including:

* Simple Character Creation Rules: Roll 4 attributes and select a race, class, alignment and a background.
* Basic Classes: Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, Druid, and Thief.
* Additional (Optional) Classes: Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Illusionist, Paladin, and Ranger.
* Races: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, and Halfling.
* Simple and fast-playing combat system that tracks physical damage (aka body points) separately from luck/skill/fatigue (aka hit point) damage. Combat is BAB-based: no to-hit tables or THAC0.
* Hit points recover with a night’s rest. Spells cost hit points to cast. Actual wounds recover more slowly.
* Rules for hirelings, monster reactions (not every monster wants to fight), morale (not every monster fights to the death), and more.
* Many optional rules (Advantages and Disadvantages, Psionics, Action Points, Sanity, more traditional magic and saving rolls, etc.): use none, some, or all.
* A complete information on spells, monsters and treasure.
* Gamemaster section with setting design information, and advice.
* Rules for PC-ruled dominions.
* Compatible with most other 1e based games and adventures -- as well as many designed for 0e, B/X, BECMI, and 2e.

The rules needed to create characters and actually play are short and sweet. Character Creation rules (including race, class, alignment, and background descriptions) are 11 pages. The Core rules (skills, saving throws, magic, combat, experience and level advancement) are 8 pages. They are written in fairly normal english, not "High Gygaxian".

This is the second edition of Microlite78 First Edition Lite. Changes from the first edition: The Barbarian and Bard classes were added. The method of determining the number of experience points needed to advance no longer requires recalculating entire experience point advancement charts if optional rules are used. Treasure items are more like the first edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game which makes the game easier to use with published adventures. Rules for character-ruled dominions are included. Gamemaster section with advice for creating and running campaigns added. Some artwork is in color.

There will be a Pay-what-You-Want/Free version of these rules (without art) available in the near future. As usual, a printed version is unlikely in the near future.

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All Games -- including the very popular BX Advanced, Microlite74 Ultimate Edition games -- are 40% off for Labor Day. You can see a list (with links) in the linked blog post or just go directly to the RetroRoleplaying page on RPGNow:

The blog post, however, also includes updates on my works in progress: BX Advanced Adamantine Edition, the second edition of Microlite78, etc.

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Microlite 20 Costumes is updated and ready for customizable, fast play: 6 power level templates and 30 NEW Power Packages. Make the Superior-level Paragon your own Prince Of Thunder, or get across the room instantly as a Typical-level Teleporter. Make the rules-simple superhero game you've always wanted!

Some Iron Kingdoms microlite20?

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My M20 Costumes superhero game is getting some revisions. The numbers are updated, and we're introducing "Power Packages" for a few classic kinds of heroes.

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