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What is "The Game of Time"?

To answer that, I will have to tell you a rather fantastic story. One that started long ago, before "modern" Earth humans existed on this world. In fact, it goes all the way back to the fifth dimension, where we exist as what we call "spirits", and is apparently our true home dimension and realty.

As the story goes, as spirits, we chose to "play a game". That game was to experience third dimensional reality. Another way to say that was to enter and experience the dimension of Time. In order to do that, we would have to form something called a Dark Piece of reality. That dark piece would contain knowledge, information and memories we would be unable to access from within Time.

This would also be done in stages. Three to be exact. That way, we did not dive head-first into certain unknowns, but instead would wade in gradually. In the first stage, the dark piece would remain relatively small, so much was remembered from within the Time experience.

On this world, that reality is remembered only as a legend known as Lemuria. Some also remember it as the "Garden of Eden". Lemuria was not an island or continent, but rather a Paradigm and state of being.

From spirit, we knew there would arise certain difficulties if we were to form too large a dark piece. It would mean experiencing a form of amnesia while visiting a world of illusion. To help maintain our sanity and enlightenment, we spirits invented a kind of "game", called "Crystals".

This "game" was not a game like we think of when we use that word. There were no winners or losers. It was not that kind of a game. It was more like an activity we could all share. The game of Crystals would help us remember important things from within the world of illusion that we would otherwise forget. It would help us form and maintain a shared vision of what we wanted to manifest, so assist us to remember and form our true desire. It would be a guide so we could find our way back to truth, sanity, and spirit.

As Lemurians, with a much smaller dark piece of reality, we were able to remember many things from spirit - including this game of Crystals - and "play" it among ourselves. In that reality, we all played the game. We all remembered the truths. We all shared the vision. We all lived the dream. Not a single person or living being was excluded from our vision.

As the bigger "game" (the game of Time) progressed, the dark piece grew larger. Our amnesia grew, and the Lemurians eventually fully incarnated into third-dimensional reality. A threshold was reached, and Lemurians, as they once were, were no longer. Their successors, in the next stage of the game, are known to us as the legend of Atlantis.

Although legend speaks of an island continent of Atlantis, it was not that at all. It encompassed this entire world and was a civilization, paradigm, and state of being. Our dark piece was still smaller than it is today, so we could still remember many things that are currently forgotten.

The dark piece is related to gravity, and one thing Atlanteans had was technology that partly used and manipulated gravity in ways we no longer remember. Evidence of their gravity-based technology still remains as they built megalithic structures from enormous stones, perfectly aligned to self, planet, and stars (so universe) that survive to this day. These huge megaliths remain a mystery to us, as our most modern cranes and equipment cannot begin to reproduce their results.

But as Atlanteans, we were not immune to the difficulties of third-dimensional reality. With a larger dark piece of reality, our enlightenment and Personal Spiritual Integrity began to falter. The shared vision was lost. Where once not a single living being was excluded from the dream, a two-pole arrangement began to form. Experiencing both sides of a conflict began to take two successive lifetimes to complete, so a game within Time called "Karma" developed.
Eventually that conflict intensified, and in the end, the Atlanteans and their paradigm could not survive.

That failure did not discourage the game of Time, and we continued to the final stage. Now the Dark Piece would be as large as we could make it. We would experience full-blown amnesia, and forget everything we knew except what was known of only a single lifetime incarnation. Our only resource back to spirit would become subconscious, so our only way of remembering would have a new layer of difficulty. Hence, we "modern" humans emerged.

As the story goes, that was 26,000 years ago. After a long and difficult journey, as amazing as it sounds, the game of Crystals has returned. It has been remembered by a modern human named David Roberts. Hopefully it’s a sign. A sign that it is finally time to recover what was lost. To get back on the road to a sane and enlightened paradigm. Back to a shared vision. Back to the formation and manifestation of our true desire.

The modern version of the "game" is a bit more complex than it's Lemurian ancestor. It still contains all the elements necessary to remember the truths, share the vision, and form true desire. But it has a need to contain more. We "modern" humans are not sane, nor enlightened. In fact, we have experienced the full spectrum of difficulties the dimension of Time has to offer, and are in need of remedial healing and learning. To that end, the new version of Crystals also contains a wealth of new elements intended to assist us in curing and healing ourselves from the complications that have arisen.

At the beginning of this message, I promised you a fantastic story. As fantastic as this already sounds, it's not over just yet. Since David's version of the "game" is a remembered version of Crystals, they have become known as "Lemurian Healing Cards". But we Lemurians were not the only ones in this universe to play this game or use these methods.

In our state of amnesia, one of the things we "modern" humans forgot was that we were not alone in this universe. In fact, this universe is full, if not teeming with life. Of the many places that can be visited, one that came to David's attention during his time remembering the game is of another legend. This time, of a civilization who purportedly resides in the Pleiades star cluster, and known for that reason as the Pleiadians.

The legend of the Pleiadians is that they (we) were consciousness that was allowed to enter this universe from another universe that had completed itself. That means all puzzles had been solved, all diseases cured, all consciousness connected, so an enormous wealth of knowledge, wisdom and information was available to them. The legend says that they (we) were allowed to bring that knowledge and wisdom into this universe. One of the things they brought was the game of Crystals.

As the legend goes, the Pleiadians inhabit a number of worlds, and on those worlds - they play Crystals. On those worlds, much like the Lemurians of Earth, the "game" is learned as children to assist them to remember the truths, retain their sanity, share the vision, achieve identity, develop personal spiritual integrity, and manifest true desire as much as third-dimensional reality will allow.
For that reason, David's cards are also known as "Pleiadian Healing Cards".

David's version of Crystals is once again much more complex than the Pleiadian version, for the same reasons. A child born to the Pleiadians does not develop the additional complications of third-dimensional reality as Earth humans. They don't have a need for remedial healing and learning, but it seems that we do.

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News for The Game of Time

I have completed a new book about the 12 Dimensions. It's called 12 Dimensions of Consciousness and Beyond. It's the result of 18 years of work, and a lifetime of learning. It's the next-level of learning to my first book Heal Yourself in Time.

Unlike Heal Yourself in Time, this book is a much easier read. Instead of many questions intended to guide you to certain realizations, this one offers my interpretation of the implications of this model of reality, and how they can be used to see through to 12 dimensions and beyond. The book is fully illustrated with over 100 diagrams to help you learn and understand.

The new book is available on my website at

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