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Eight classes from around the 5 Great Lakes will be paddling to the sea together starting November 12, 2018. Follow their learning journey here! Check out our webpage to understand how this idea came together and view our map.
Let’s Paddle to the Sea!
Let’s Paddle to the Sea!

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Looking forward to the adventure! I'll be getting my students prepared for our big journey by telling them we'll be paddling to the sea via the Great Lakes with seven other classes. This should pique their interest! I'll then have the kids sketch out what they visualize the 5 Great Lakes to look like and label as much detail as they can on their map. I'll reveal the book and tell my class that this is how we'll be travelling together; with each class reading from a different part of the Great Lakes. Following this, I'll reveal the map of all the classes involved and then have my students compare and contrast the map they sketched of their visualization. Finally, we'll make some predictions of what the book will be about, based on the cover and listen to Mr. Chidiac's students predictions ( We'll then begin reading the first couple chapters.
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