Looking for a new VPN provider as I have fallen out with the one I have now, we are on day 7 of it being down!!!
Looking for one that I can use across iOS devices and also on a windows laptop. I am unable to get into the router due to the building I am in! And please don't suggest UK2! Any feedback and recommendations would be great, thanks. 

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How to quickly 'Un-Windows 8' your PC

Dear all. I'm mulling over an web service/application idea and I just wanted to canvas you all to see if it's worth the effort.

My idea rotates around setting up an IMAP email service which handles/assists with unique email addresses that are burnable in the event of them ending up in the hands of spammers etc. I know it's definitely not a brand new idea, however it would have some cleverness to make life fairly pain free for users.

Therefore my questions are as follows: do you still use email? What do you use it for primarily? Do you ever use it for staying in touch with family/friends? Or do you just use it for registering accounts etc?

Thank you. 


Great alternative to Cloak - free 500MB per month and if you tweet a message from within the app - you get a free 1GB per month.

After 9 months of having it I'm finally using my iPad mini in anger as a work device. Anyone know of some killer productivity apps apart from the obvious?

Anyone know why my Mac would suddenly give me the option on startup to select the '10.9 recovery' disc?  My Mac to my knowledge is running fine.  I'm not pressing option on startup to choose startup disc and the correct drive is selected in system preferences for startup

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Great free resource and excellent site.

One for you Ewen and yes I know I should not use iPhoto re packages...

When I select Masters within the Package  - I can see the file structure with years and months.  For some of the folders (appears to be the most recent ones) as I click the last folder - there are no photos in there and Get Info shows zero space used.

However - within iPhoto when I select view in Finder  - Original they are there!  Plus file sizes of Masters appears to be the same.

Thoughts why I cannot appear to drill down within the Finder to the pictures but they show in iPhoto view original in Finder?

On the last Help Show - for music streaming take a look at Deezer as well - very similar to Spotify. If you are a EE customer they have deals where you can stream Deezer without using your data.

I use Spotify (excellent) but wife uses Deezer and very good. 

Paul W mentioned on the last show about Wi Fi Channels. There has been some very in depth discussions on this on the Mac Geek Gab and an Ex Apple Wi Fi guru said always used 1,6 or 11 regardless if other Wi Fi uses are on these channels.

On the next MGG he is back on to discuss so maybe worth a listen. 
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