hey everybody im back better than ever we seem to have picked up a few new members so im going to make the guidelines here perfectly clear,
1) nothing personal but if you are under the age of 18 and are lying about your age to anyone here that runs a specific age group game you will be band and we will let it be known who you are and how old you really are
2) secondly and most important no bots i dont have time and niether do the rest of us. 
Now with that being said heres whats new.
    today i have decided that in about a months time i will be looking for someone to run a sci fi or a community wide hangout for D&D it doesnt matter to me we need to know everybody's time zones so as to be able to run this game accurately also i dont mind running the sci fi game myself as richard will tell you but i need no less than 4 active pc's thanks guys and post as you will but be mindful ....this is an adult only community as are all of my communities live well and care for each other....Nasrley Dudes! 
 ahhh hell go blow the shit outta something..lol

And now....leaving.the world of gaming.g for a moment to pay tribute to the man who brought us much laughter and enjoyment...ROBIN WILLIAMS We shall mever forgwt you and you will fly with us every day in our circles when our laughter rings out aroumd the tables...Salutations dear friend!

Sorry been inaxtive for awhile but i will be running the communiries from my fone from now on plus doing some hangouts once i get my new fone

hey guys im back been working odd jobs really sucks , 

if anyone wants to get together this comming week give me a time and a day you want to hangout for a game or just to hangout 

well im gonna cancle the hangout for today send me some days and times we can agree on i have one player i need at least 1 more to make it interesting..lol

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im still looking for a starwars game doesnt matter if its saga d20 or d6

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