Top 10 things to do before I die
1. Run a monastary
2. Become a pro hunter
3. Write a book
4. Party with Duke
5. Go on the Goodtime 3 with Mr. Vydra
6. Go to Petsmart with my greyhounds
7. Teach my horse how to talk
8. Lose a couple pounds
9. Go on Skippy's boat
10. Get plastic surgery from Dr. Birch

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Love this book!!!

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Favorite song

My biggest accomplishment was killing a buck with my dude Robin Yahood

Top ten things on my bucket list
1. See the south rise again
2. Be a professional hunter
3. Bag the biggest buck ever
4. Find Bigfoot
5. Shoot Bigfoot
6. Build my very own tree house
7. Always have an aroma of fresh pine needles
8. Go on a walk in the woods with the man J Vydra
9. Give J Vydra a deer heart to eat
10. Be my own boss

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This is a banger

My future goals include running the monastary, and being a professional hunter´╗┐ #getyouamanwhocandoboth

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My last book I read was The Million Dollar Private Practice.

They call me the hunk monk

My latest accomplishment was treating Mr. Foot.
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