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Hello. Welcome to Wolf Rp. This is the main information page, it will give you info on all you need to know for role play and making a profile.

Before making a profile, please read the rules, the age and rank scaling page, and the pack info pages. The pack info pages will help you find the best pack for the wolf you had in mind. You can follow these pages for updates. This is highly recommended.


Wolf Age Scale and Ranking Scale

Forestpack Information and Updates Page

Mountainpack Information and Updates Page

Riverpack Information and Updates Page

Profile Template

Is this place dead? If anyone (that is active) wants to rp, tell me!

Try walked around. She would trip someone or get in there why time from time but didn't care. She started to trot and swayed her tail. You...

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Grace walks through the feilds, thinking about her family "...."

Ok here are the bios for my two charters, it took me so long, please injoy!

Name: Arana
Nickname: rain

Gender: female
Age: 1 1/2 yrs

Pack: mountain pack
Rank: lead scout

Mother: Kahana (missing)
Father:Tanana (dead)
Siblings: Refano (red)
Other family:---
Crush: none at moment
Mate: none yet
Former mate: none

Personality: Awkward, sarcastic, a tad cold to others, witty, thinks things through, competitive.
Bio: born on there own with her brother and parents, when mum and dad decided to move into a pack for their safety. Her and her brother are best Friends with very similar but different personality.
Likes: the smell and sound of rain, the cold, running, jumping
Dislikes: hot summer days (like REALLY hot), people out of there right mind, the forest pack, people who want to hurt her brother
Looks: ( drawing a photo for no ill described)
Darkish (not super dark) grey, lighter grey running splotches, copper blue eyes.

Name: Refano

Nickname: red

Age: 1 1/2 yrs

Gender: male

Pack: mountain pack

Rank: warrior

Mother: Kahana (missing)

Father: Tanana (dead)

Siblings: Arana (rain)

Other Family Members: ---

Crush: none yet

Mate: none yet

Former Mate: non

Personality: a little flirty, sarcastic, playfully, social, impulsive, protective,

Likes : laying in Moss, climbing rocks, the taste of bird, messing with others.

Dislikes: sleeping in (early bird), goat, be disliked

Bio: born on there own with her brother and parents, when mum and dad decided to move into a pack for their safety. Her and her brother are best Friends with very similar but different personality.


Picture ( still working on art) a rusty reddish brown, with white marks, copper green eyes. 

Is anyone open to role play with my character Irene from river pack?

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"Do your best, even if no one is watching."
"Don't test me, unless you wish to get hurt."

Name: Spirit

Nickname(s): Star (Only to close friends and/or her mate)

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Pack: Mountainpack

Rank: Delta

Mother: Unknown

Father: Stone

Siblings: None

Other Family Members: Unknown

Crush: Open

Mate: (not sure if there is a delta male, if there is I can add him)

Former Mate: None

Personality: Spirit is very calm and quiet, though she has a very clear commanding aura around her. She doesn't like when wolves try to argue with her, and she is very stubborn. Once you are friends with her she warms up quite a bit, and let's her warmer side show.

Bio: Spirit was born to a Unknown Female, taken by her father when she was barely a day old. Her father took her inside the Packs territory, leaving her in the snow to either be found or to die. She was miraculously found by a wolf, who brought her to the pack. She was raised like any other pup, though others teased her because of her story. She grew up to ignore the taunts, and she became Delta when she was old enough.

Other: She has a scar spread from her shoulder to her upper leg, from a moose's hoof.

Picture: Down Below

(Sorry I only just posted her profile, this week has been very hectic for me.)
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(Second profile)

Quotes live like a warrior

Name covoo

Nickname bro or brother

Age 1 1/2

Gender male

Pack forest

Rank warrior

Mother dead

Father dead

Siblings sister/shadow

Other Family Members I think dead

Crush open

Mate open

Former Mate open

Personality sometimes rude but mostly nice to my sister

Likes fighting and nature

Dislikes rude people being rude to my sister

Bio find out in roleplay

Other none


((Closed rp to +Midnight Arca​))

Shadow was walking through the forest looking for something too eat. When she saw you doing something.

((Open rp, Mountainpack only))

Lupin padded around Mountainpack camp, eagerly looking for something to do. She called over to a few wolves and sent them out to hunt. Then she called you over...

((Please tell me your name and rank))
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