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1- Before joining or posting, please click the information symbol on the community picture to view all the details and rules. If you are new, don't be scared of all the posts that people have made, they are other RPGs that people have created.

If you are interested in creating your own, then make sure you read the community details and then begin!

2- How do you like the new Community Picture? Please rate

3- I am hoping to start an RPG in the near future. If you are interested in joining (Medieval/fantasy/Maybe Magic), then reply to this post saying 'I Will Join'


names for star wars role playing game
Ravened Danakar
 Conner Roscoe                Graal Ran            Gerd Spero        Maneh Novan
 Mythus Paesante           Garrallach Keteris           Allisha Darsten Rolim Tatham
 Nosh Ker Liagri Kane Sutherland             Dagos Pantrakahs           Lancer Tull
 Murgo Solari     Seth Thurinos   Kin-Wan Sivron                Forren Farwell
 Jegelt Wystalin Silus Sudime      Bameiro Danner              Maxcy Seumic
 Bertos Guga      Hellman Swiftflight         Pramman Odan               Sarkin Forr
 Yvanos Saphire                Jonathan Sherrol             Jorel Tucker       Jom Corsh
 Mulokhai Chi     Jebediah Kang  Jason Kurn         Jubei Loran
 Jared Carthage Rin Saleem         Keer Fyr              Khorde Oorhies
 Jonas Starfallen               Alfredo Quorr   Morla Hunt        Toby Lassiter
 Adam Kosokhan              Malius Mohandai            Trl Fayar              Chaz Lo
 Aximili Moryne                Fabian  Obarel  Jelahan Balls      Murgh Kosokhan
 Udo Mentel

Sarisa Flast
 Sarela Exibil       Oris Bailer           Railin Sekel        Jeanida Gadreel
 Kistra Merasska               Jaina Mesoth    Arili Hodrren     Anjyl Linaki
 Lerona Afu

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All Members of the Brave New Republic, Report for duty!

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I am currently waiting for players to join my RPG which will be like a medieval/fantasy/magic type world. There aren't any races in this game besides humans, however, you may select the location of your homeland or where you live. If you are interested in joining, then say your name, age, location, and starting ability:

Copy the list below and fill in the parenthesis with your details
Name: (the name of your character)
Age: (the age you want your character to be)
Location: (Pick your preferred homeland - highlands, grasslands, forest, underground, or water city?
Starting Ability: Pick your starting ability below -

Survivor - Your health and energy regenerate a lot faster
Warlock - Your armor and strength have improved greatly
Spy - Your speed and quietness are improved
Wise Man - You are much more wise
Archer - You can see and hear things that are really far

After I have enough players, then we can start the RPG!


Solo-Klugger's conversations.
If Klugger and Lucas are talking they do it in this chat.

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This line is the line you post on to tell Stormeagle things, also this is the line Stormeagle uses in battles and controlling the ship.

Picture drawn by Caleb.

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The great sky pirate ship Falcon, captained by the ferocious slaughterer Stormeagle, was caught in one of the great storms that come once a generation. Only due to the amazing capability of the crew did the ship make it out in one piece. Three crew mates were lost over board.
The Quartermaster Kyrus
The Goblin fighter Klugger
And the oakelf Stud.
The first mate and stone pilot and waif who goes by the name of solo left the ship in search of the missing crew members.

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Your eyes drift open. You see around you a woodtroll village and out in the corner of your eye you see Solo waiting for you to wake up. What do you do?

Picture drawn by Chris.

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Here is my RPG. Get the character details from my google + profile.


Solo shivered, cold and tired from the sleepless night tending the flight rock.
They were over top of the great deepwoods.
Searching for the latest news of their crew who had been pulled from the ship during the storm last night.
They had been flying for a cargo of iron wood when the great storm came out of no-where, only Grud's gargantuan strength stopped the ship from flipping right upside down. Three crew member had fallen over board and needed finding.
Each crew member is equipped with a set of gliders so they would not have fallen to their death but their were many dangers in the deepwoods to be wary of.
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