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A little attitude feom Ghost Embrace

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The official NTROradio app for android is out there now. It's probably the best way to listen to the station and keep track with us on Facebook and Twitter. Also has a link to the site to read about the daily featured artist. Download, share it and rate/review it if you can.
It's free and no annoying ads. Permissions are light, only asks for Device ID & call information toread phone status and identity and full network access plus view network connections. Not like some of these other radio apps that want your first born child and your mother's maiden name, lol.

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Just got notification that the android app for NTROradio has been submitted to the Play store. Should be available in a few hours!!!!

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Just a quick collage image showing some of the many bands that have posts coming up the next 3 weeks. I have one scheduled for each day omitting sundays from now till 3/11/15. And there is still 19 in the current cue. 
I also updated the site layout, logo added a link to The ACF because they do awesome work and started a small blogroll. 
I also updated the Facebook page and started a Twitter page. 
Whew I been a busy guy this morning!

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Just gave the site a make over. Check it out and let me know what ya think.
Will be adding massive amounts of new artists this weekend and setting up new posts for the next week. Probably have enough to post 6 days a week till the end of summer. You can say I'm a little behind. Lol.

Just got all the posts for this week scheduled and I will be adding 28 new artists to the playlist by the end of the week. 
If you can take a second to suggest our community here to your friends and help us spread the word! 
And please support your favorite band. Go to their shows and buy their music!!!!

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Artists and Managers please take a second to read this. It will help you immensely in the long run.
Tips for Artist Submissions or How to not get rejected
 I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk to just the artists and agents/labels. Just a few quick suggestions or rather tips for you to consider when submitting your music and press kits to radio stations/blogs/podcasters. These suggestions go for submi...

I just want to say a big hello to our new listeners in the Netherlands and Canada! Thank you for listening!

You can also listen to us on We are now a proud member of theirs. You can also listen to us on their app for Android and iOS!
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