First ever social network community i have created. Long time gamer. Atari 2600 anyone? To PC Master Race. To currently mobile gamer. Sucked at tanking,dps is great someones always better. Plus never get group or 5 others out DKP you for it. Started healing long ago. Found had a digital triage knack for keeping stupid alive. This community is healers lifer's only. Someplace to rant. Vent, share strat. But mostly to laugh at high and mighty dps. Who cant see past their own big flashy numbers. Not realising you just solo healed the impossible. Quietly pat yourself knowing raid triage happens. Big dps one day has to be sacraficed so tank,more strategy oriented dps lives. All gaming formats welcome. Long as you keep'em alive. And be an adult, some cussing ok. F-Bombs your gone. Ty.
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