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Newly released work for our repertoire, from the respected artist Manoj Bhargav
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Another amazing addition to our collection of devotional material. In this beautiful thangka, The Lord Avalokitesvara in classic multi-gender form, looked upon by our Father in Heaven, Margadarzaka mandala below. Artist, our highly esteemed Manoj Bhargav.


We need help from folks who can manage our Facebook accounts. If you understand your own Facebook, then you will be able to help. Some accounts are neglected, and at least one was hijacked by a silly group because of that.

The main concern is one account with more than 2,000 likes that has been dormant for very long. We have members there from all over the world. We have material to post, just not the time and attention span to do it consistently well.



We need help from graphic artists with the multitude of publications that we have going on. We have about 18 web sites and many videos in progress, several books (covers, interior sketches, etc) and training materials in the pipeline.


We need someone to take care of a google community page, and a google web page. The technology is very simple, if you can drive your google account, then you can drive those as well. We have lots of material but we don't have the time to consistently care for these resources.


Acharya has written many pages aimed at younger members but he is, by his own admission, "incredibly bad" at writing for that level of audience. I don't think he is as bad as all that but we really need co-authors and collaborators in this area.

Do you want to edit his work, or co-author with him? There's work to do.



We are working on the main website at the moment. We need editors. Members out there who can spell, and construct a sentence, you can help and it will help a lot. Right now we have one main author, Acharya Yajn. He turns out hundreds of pages, of first drafts, so we need the material checked for typos and readability as we post it to the site. In practice, you will get the material, run through it and post it.

Counsellor Priyah, from the South African Church of the East is a prolific Wayist author. He writes in Afrikaans and English. He is presently trying his hand at transferring his books into e-book format. If anyone on this team has experience with this, your help will be much appreciated.


Wayist Books, is my main concern. We publish Wayist authors and other types of media. If you have created, or want to create books, short stories, videos, games, cell phone apps, etc. Contact me.

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