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A new wrestler had been on the scene for awhile on the independent circuit, he was one of the best in the world. Most wrestling companies tried to sign him, however he wanted to stay on his own. Japan pro wrestling then offered him a deal out of the independent circuit. One that he simply couldn't turn down, it was too good. He signed all the papers and finally went with them. The entire locker room, both men and women got surprised when he was signed from his pure goodness. They were all extremely lucky to have him wrestle with the beserk gym. Later, he was in his locker room, looking over his bags and gear that he brought to Japan pro wrestling, and he looked he had everything he needed.

Anyone still here?

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Name:Kathy Robinson
Origin: aquasco, Maryland
Wrestling name:gothgirl

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(Would anyone like to join? You can be any of your favorite main characters such as rio, misiki, sakura and etc. )

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Name: "The Tornado."
Age: "22."
Dob: "June 4th, 1998."
Zodiac: "Gemini. ♊"
Species: "Human."
Race: "Mexican and Italian." (50% of both.)
Personality: The Tornado has been a face his entire career, when he's not pro wrestling he is a kind person and usually likes to train allot. He is very determined and takes his training seriously so he can always be in top shape. He also likes to entertain fans and usually acts comical around his friends and family. As soon as he steps in the ring, it is all that he focuses on.
Likes: Defeating other great wrestlers, training, food and sometimes romantic things.
Dislikes: Rude people and criminals.
Wrestling Bio: He has accomplished allot in his 1st year of wrestling, in the first wrestling company he wrestled for, he held every title that was offered to him at least once. Now he looks to make a bigger name by taking down some of the best wrestlers in the world.
Theme Song:

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Age: 15
Gender: Female
Likes: music, anime, gaming, fighting
Dislikes: stupid people
Bio: (this is just an example so im not gonna make a bio)
Wrestler name: Pastel Punisher
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