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Name: Ying
Past Names: Ying Kit, Ying paw
Future name: None
Age: 24 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: AirClan
Future Clan: (I will edit until I see one)
Rank: Warrior
Past Ranks: Kit, apprentice, med,
Future Rank: Deputy (?)

Personality: Quiet but brave, clever
Good traits: Trustful, honest
Natural traits: Quiet, confident
Negative traits: Stubborn, Angry

Lives left: 1 Live

Bio: Ying Yang is always trusted, over her years she had a normal life like the others that is until she lost her parents. She had been looking for them for years and the only one left on her family is her brother, Sea Bass. She tries and protects her baby brother from danger. She had Been stabbed before when someone was trying to capture her and her brother. She's small but she can protect.

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Sorry this took so long ;-;
*no moonclan- its treeclan*
+Soundtrakk41109​ oc Blackheart is her sibling
Name- Blue Blake or Blake for short
Age- 30 moons
Clan- MoonClan
Gender- Female
Likes- Hunting, hiding, and feeling the moon light on her back
Dislikes- Battling others, feeling anger or unhappy, To be disliked or hated, And being stared at
Personality- Happy, Shy, Sometimes a hothead, Night outer

Mother- Sparkles she was a house cat
Father- Night Blood (I was in a hurry so I might change his name)

Rank- Medicine Cat

Skill set- Building or Cleaning a den and hiding in plan site

Blake is building a small fort in the farest tree so we can see if intruders come in to the territory
Alittle help
she calls from the top of the tree

Lakeclan Roleplay?

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Age:16 moons
Past clan:rouge
Future clan:rouge
Past rank:rouge
Future rank:rouge
Kits:mate first
Bio: revealed in rp

Anyone want to RP with DarkPaw?

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My 2nd OC, if that's okay! I figured I should make one for LakeClan so Juniperstar'll have someone to rp with too for now lol please forgive the rough art I didn't feel like doing lineart

Name: Stormtail
Clan: LakeClan
Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Speckled grey Tom with green eyes and a stubby tail
Gender: Tom
Age: 30 moons
Personality: Generous and excitable, easily impressed
Climbing: 2/10
Running: 6/10
Fighting: 6/10
Herb Knowledge: 1/10
Swimming: 8/10
Hunting: 5/10
Stalking: 3/10

Likes: Swimming, Border Patrols, Running
Dislikes: Climbing, Being Serious

Bio: Losing his tail to a dog as an apprentice, he has very little balance and a permanent stumpy tail. He's fearful of high places due to his lack of tail, and will actively avoid dangerous places, such as trees and high rocks.
He's childish (kittish?), and easy to make laugh. He tries to be funny, and makes a lot of jokes, sometimes at the expense of himself, to make others laugh

I hope it's okay to be making another character! ^w^

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Name:DawnStar. Age:30 moons. Gender:female. Clan:Treeclan. Rank:leader. Abilities swimming:3/10. Climbing:9/10. Fighting:9/10. Herb knowledge:2/10. Hunting:8/10. Family. Mother:Unknown. Father:unknown. Crush:(open). Mate:(open). Kits:none. Siblings:unknown. Appearance. Pelt color: tabby(brown). Eye color:amber. BIOGRAPHY. Name origin:she was born at dawn. Clan she was born in:Treeclan. Anything special about her?:umm no. Likes:cool places,a decent amount of alone time, and being with her clan,she likes kits and succeeding in thingss. Dislikes:big crowds, being told what to do, and kittypets and failing at things.. Favorite food: squirrel. Least favorite food:none really but if she had to choose rabbit. What does she do with her spare time:hmm now that you asked I guess she just naps or goes out for a walk. Hobbies?:oh hmm she likes playing moss ball (I know she's too old for that but she still likes it. Favorite place?: Under a cool shady tree at night. Favorite time of day?:night time! Least favorite time of day:noon. Favorite season:leaf fall because of all the pretty colours. Least favorite season?: Leaf bare because cats die sometimes. Friends:none yet. Enemies:none yet. Clan she dislikes?:Thornclan. Cat she dislikes:all kittypets. Does she like males or females:males obviously. Backstory:hi I'm DawnStar leader of Treeclan when I was a kit both my parents died so I never knew them. I have lived a hard life a lot harder than those lazy kittypets. I've always hated kittypets why? Because they stink and they have an attitude they think they're somecat! Does she want kits?:maybe some day.. Quotes:“You better get back to you're little twolegs before I rip you're head off—to an unnamed kittypet. #picnotmine. Personality:very sassy,can snap easily,but otherwise nice.. Disabilities:none. Patience:7/10. Sometimes cats get on her nerves. (Specially kittypets). Patience with other clans:4/10. Patience with kittypets:0/10. Patience with loners:3/10. Does she like kits:yes she does. Where will she go when she dies?:probably starclan. Does she respect the warrior code?:yes she does with her life. Has she ever broken the warrior code?:umm nope. Has she ever killed another cat?:no not yet. does she have any living family?:not that she knows of no. Is she a villain?Nah not particularly. Only to kittypets. How much exactly does she hate kittypets:10/10!!! Does she believe in starclan?:oh my stars! Of course she does. Does she judge other cats on their religion (starclan/dark forest) no she does not it's their choice not mine. QUOTE. “It's your choice not mine"—to an unnamed cat that was training in the dark forest. “no one can force you to do anything you make your own decisions"—to an unnamed cat. “its your life live it the way you want to not how other cats want you to"—to an unnamed cat. . MORE QUESTIONS. Is she proud to be leader of Treeclan?:oh starclan YES!!!! Does she like water:EWW NO I'll pass. Is she good at interpreting omens?:Yes she is 9/10 (no one's perfect) how close has she came to dying?:hmm very close as a kit. Has she ever done anything bad?:no what does she think of the warrior code?:“it's fair" nice way of helping cats survive without it where would we be? PAST NAMES. DawnCloud,Dawnpaw,Dawnkit . Does she like her name?:like it I love it . I couldn't ask for a better name!!. Does she like her clan?:like it? I love it!! Couldn't ask for a better clan than Treeclan!!!. LIFES STORY. as a kit Dawnkit had a hard life both her parents died so she had to go out on her own. When she was three moons she was almost killed by a fox luckily this rouge cat came and killed it or DawnStar might not be alive today. When she was four moons old she was doin a little better she was catching prey by herself and getting along pretty well. At five moons old she found her way back to her birth place Treeclan. At six moons old it was time for her to be an apprentice her mentor was named Darkfrost. At seven moons she was play fighting with the other apprentices she was the biggest of them and the strongest because of what she had been through. At eight moons she was even better at fighting and tragedy struck her sister Duskpaw died. She was so sad she wanted to confine herself to the apprentices den but couldn't for she knew life had to go on. At nine moons she was feeling a little better but the pain would never go away. At ten moon she was almost ready to get her warrior name she claims she was the best hunter and fighter in the clan and that she would be leader someday. At eleven moons she had her final assessment as an apprentice and of course passed it. At twelve moons she was made a warrior and given the name DawnCloud. At thirty moons she became leader of Treeclan which is her greatest achievement. LIFE AS A WARRIOR. DawnCloud has happy and sad memories of her life as a warrior. 3 moons after she was made a warrior her only living sibling died his name was StripeClaw he was killed by a dog. It brought back memories of Duskpaw who had died when she was like 8 moons old. But life had to go on no matter what happened and she knew that they were in a better place. Because up in starclan they wouldn't have to worry about being killed. When she was eighteen moons old the deputy of Treeclan died no one knew what to do so two moons later DawnCloud was named Deputy. She was sad sad from from all the death but happy to be deputy. When she was thirty moons old she became leader of Treeclan. Her #1 greatest achievement in her whole entire life. It just proves that what ever life throws at you it was for a reason and you have to accept it starclan has their reasons even though they might not reveal them.

“its your choice not theirs".
“some things in life may hurt you but never let them get to you"

“with your spirit you are never alone"

“let your spirit guide you through the tough times"

“being afraid is being brave"

“you are strong because you have been weak"

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Name:DarkPaw is the name. Age:8 moons. Gender:Tom. Clan:LakeClan. Rank: apprentice. Future rank:warrior. PAST rank:kit. Future names:DarkFrost. PAST NAMES:Darkkit. FAMILY. Mother:Unknown. Father:Unknown. Siblings:Leafpaw,StripePaw mentor:Open.

Appearance pelt colour:Brown tabby. Secondary pelt colour:N/A. Paw colour:black. Eye colour:Amber. Length:IDK. Weight:IDK. Height:IDK.

Favorite thing to do:I Like To Hunt!!! Least favorite thing to do:Sit around and do nothing.

Least favorite time of day?:Early morning Why? Too dewy.

Favorite time of day:Night time Why? Cool breeze.
Least favorite season?:Leaf bare.
Favourite season?:Leaf fall.
Does he like his Clan?:likes it? Loves it!!!
Does he like his name?:Yes Couldn't ask for a better name.

Clan he dislikes:AirClan. Cat he dislikes:Kittypets.
Likes:helping his clan,being around others,hunting,and everything except Kittypets, and he likes fish

Dislikes:kittypets, AirClan, rabbit,the smell of AirClan cats.

Favorite food:Fish!!!!

Least favorite food:Rabbit!!!

Friends:none yet.

Enemies:none yet except Kittypets.

Life's Story.

When DarkPaw was two moons old his parents disappeared and he never saw them again but his littermates stayed. When he was three moons old he went outside of the nursery for the first time and almost got killed by a badger. When he was four moons old he was very energetic and very noisy and no one could sleep so eventually someone had to put him to sleep. At five moons he was so excited because he was about to be an apprentice. At six moons he was made an apprentice and given the name DarkPaw. At seven moons he had a liking for hunting and decided it was his favorite thing to do. At eight moons he is still an apprentice.



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Name: Ashpaw
Age: 8 moons
Gender: Female
Rank: Apprentice
Clan: Lakeclan

Personality: Observant, witty, kindhearted. Tends to be shy in social situations, but outgoing and clever to known friends.

Likes: Swimming, hunting
Dislikes: Climbing

Good traits: Determined and loyal, good in a crisis

Mother: Open/dead
Father: Open/dead
Siblings: Open/dead

Appearance: Medium-length dusty grey coat with long whiskers and soft white muzzle. Round moss-green eyes.

Bio: Revealed in RP
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