I walk along the road through the peaceful plains of Whiterun with my horse slowly trotting along behind me. I glance along the plains and see my little brother running around and finally being able to enjoy himself without the constant bloodshed. He runs up to the horse and opens up his satchel taking out his wooden sword and furiously starts swiping at an innocent plant, I chuckle to myself and continue walking towards whitrun. (open)

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I wait for you just outside of Falkreath with my horse. I don't notice you come because I'm looking the other way and I was watching someone below the hill I was looking down from. You notice it was a woman that looked young but she was different somehow that you couldn't tell
(+Serana The Mystery Woman)
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Name: Astrid
Age: Unknown
Level: Unknown
Spells: None
Race: Nord
Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: Sicarius +Mia The Wolf
Weapons: Blade of Woe
Armor: Shrouded Armir
God/Goddess: Sithis
DarkBrotherhood: Member
Imperial/Stormcloak: Neutral

These aren't mine
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Name: Serana
Age: Unknown
Level: Unknown
Spells: Conjuration and Destruction
Race: Vampire Lord Nord
Mother: Valerica
Father: Harkon
Siblings: None
Weapons: My owner Dagger
Armor: Royal Vampire Armor
God/Goddess: Molag Bal
Dawnguard: Ally
Imperial/Stormcloak: Neutral
Bio: Her year of birth is unknown, but she was originally locked away in the mid-late Second Era, in between the rule of the Reman and Septim Empires. She is one of the few pure-blood Vampires known to exist. Pure-blood vampires are individuals who are granted vampirism directly from Molag Bal, the creator and patron deity of Vampires. The process is somewhat similar to the creation of the first vampire, Lamae Beolfag. Serana gained her vampirism through a ritual in which members of her family pledged themselves to Molag Bal. Females like Serana and her mother, Valerica, who survive the horrific ordeal are dubbed "Daughters of Coldharbour."
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" Eyes on the prey, not the horizon."

Name: David or The Hunt Leader
Age: Unknown
Level: Unknown
Spells: Conjuration and Destruction
Secrets: Only one that can turn into a white werewolf without getting harmed in the process/Has never shown his face/He has been in the Dawnguard fort for many years/He can look through any wolf's eyes and act as that wolf
Legends: He is known for living forever/He is said to have been born as a wolf that can turn into a human/Is said to be the Wolf on Hircine's Statue
Race: Nord
Mother: Unknown
Father: Hircine
Siblings: None
Weapons: Daedric Dagger and Conjuration bow
Armor: Daedric
God/Goddess: Hircine
Dawnguard: Prisoner
Assassin: Strongest member
Imperial/Stormcloak: Neutral
Bio: David has never shown his face nor does he plan to because he doesnt want to be know of what he looks like but of what he has done. Unfortunately, the Dawnguard imprisoned him because of his special werewolf transformation until he was asked to help with the vampire problem. He helped then and a long the way he met Serana and she helped him complete his mission but after that mission David was forced to return back to Dawnguard but he didn't go back right away, he visited the Dark Brotherhood before he went back and that is where he was last seem. The rest of his story remains to be seen.
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Name: Eamon Witherfang

Age: Unknown

Level: Unknown

Spells: Restoration and Illusion

Race: Nord and Breton hybrid

Mother: Dead

Father: Dead

Siblings: A little brother

Friends: None

Weapons: Dual Nordic axes

Preferred weapons: His fists

Worships: Hiricine

Personality: Very protective of others but does not let many people see the sensitive side to him.

The current war: No position

Appearance: Brown hair that is very short, dark blues eyes that almost look black. Very rough complexion and is well built
Background: Eamon was born into a clan of werewolves and was endowed with the curse at birth by his mother and father, when he was 8 the silverhand came and eradicated his entire clan in cold blood and he barely managed to make it out alive with his newly born brother. For years he has hunted the silverhand responsible for this crime and has perfected the art of healing over the course of his lifetime. His particular family had the ability to live for thousands of years without aging but can die from illness and being attacked.
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You see me walking very close to a ledge of a cliff that looked very odd (+Sallus Yamato​ sorry I forgot)

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Name: Blodeuwedd Geval

Nickname: Blodeuyn

Birth sign: the Mage

Age: 18

Gender: female

Place of birth: Jehaana, High Rock

Places lived since: various parts of Skyrim

Parents’ names, backgrounds, occupations: Frinn Geval (father by marriage) - blacksmith, Elisiane Meltor (mother) - apothecarian, Sylacas Oakenrock (biological father) - hunter/mercenary

Number of siblings: five - Wynyard (brother, 5 yrs older), Benane (brother, 3 yrs older), Sybayl (sister, 1 yr older), Adina (sister, 1 yr younger), Jeanrekill (brother, 2 yrs younger)

Happiest memory: meeting her biological father in a meadow of wildflowers

Childhood trauma: her family being slaughtered and herself taken prisoner by a coven of vampires


Height: 5’ 3’’

Build: small, slender, somewhat starved looking

Nationality: Breton

Distinguishing facial features: multiple bite scars on her neck

Hair color: dark brown

Usual hairstyle: partially braided out of face

Eye color: pale green

Style of dress/typical outfit(s): vampire hunter armor (armor mod) or Gypsy Rose lounge clothes (clothing mod)

Typical style of shoes: muffled vampire hunter boots or Gypsy Rose kicks

Jewelry? Tattoos? Piercings?: delicate Breton war paint (think Scottish and Celtic designs), amulet of Mara


Gifts/talents: spell resistance, destruction magic, archery, also is a damned good cook

Shortcomings: restoration magic, two handed weapons, irrational, short tempered

Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?: emotions

Neuroses: post traumatic stress disorder, selective mutism

Aedra or Deadra worshipped: Kynareyh


Current marital/relationship status: single

Sexual orientation: asexual


Profession: Dragonborn

One handed weapons: ebony basket hilted broadsword (weapons mod), ebony dagger with absorb health enchantment

Long range weapons: ebony bow with wind enchantment (magic mod)

Two handed weapons: ebony battleaxe with water enchantment (magic mod)

Shields: none

Destruction magic: flames, sparks, frostbite, rapids (magic mod), gravel (magic mod), gust (magic mod), water ruin, spark ruin, flame ruin, waterball

Conjuration magic: conjure familiar, conjure flame attronoch

Alteration magic: clairvoyance, soul trap, stone flesh

Restoration magic: healing, healing hands, lesser ward, steadfast ward

Powers: 25% resistance to magic, -10% speech

Shouts: unrelenting force, fire breath


Phobias: Sanguivoriphobia, Agateophobia, Eremophobia, Rhabdophobia

Life goals: get rid of vampires

Greatest fears: being captured by another coven of vampires

Crimes committed: theft, attacking an official of the Imperial legion


Daily routine: wake, take a wash in a lake or river (her favorite however is a waterfall), make some form of breakfast, practice spells/swordsmanship, go off to help folks out, occasionally takes a small lunch, but doesn't eat all too often

Night owl or early bird: often stays out late to drink memories at bay

Light or heavy sleeper: very light

Favorite color: red, lavender

Biggest regret: attacking a member of the Imperial legion, causing her to become a fugitive

Pets: Menwe (black stallion), Frost (white fox), Enrish (dappled mare), Vyrvus (chocolate stallion) - most of which have died
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You see me sitting outside of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary waiting for something to do (Open)

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It is early in the day when Blodeuyn begins her daily training, refining the elemental magic she has worked so hard to master. Internally, she recites an incantation, unaware that she is being watched. The wind picks up, whips her dark curls into her artfully delicate features and gold glowing eyes. She relaxes the spell, the liquid metal hue subsiding to a soft, or green. 
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