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Get FREE music and sound FX from YouTube audio library. Also, find out which copyrighted songs you can use legally on YouTube. 

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Cricket and I worked with the Design Tourist to create this episode. We want karen to get a % of sales when she posts this on her network. Does anyone know a technology to track views from her site to our site?

Post has attachment is my new project with my wife. We are a web series with an e-commerce site.  I've create 40 epsisodes in the last few months.  Mostly, I'm experimenting with various series concepts.  This have been a great experience and wonderful way to test the waters.  What I really love is the video player we developed.  Using HTML 5 full frame browswer technology, we designed a very nice interface.  We used vimeo to be the host of the videos.  Our developer created channels in vimeo.  When I upload a video to the channel, the video appears on the channel on our video page.  Very streamlined and easy to use. 

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The Ultimate GH3 DSLR Package

Help!  I have to rebuild my entire package.  Someone decided they were entitled to my entire camera package.  2 gh3's, 5 lenses, rig, small hd, etc..  Good luck with them.... Just remember it's a round world! 

They were insured... so I'm starting over. I'm going to build the ultimate GH3 package with "your" help.  

 I've spend the last couple days looking at tons of equipment...  Here is my A list  for camera and lenses... 

Please comment... add or select your top pick.. that would be a big help if you also justify why and why not.. 

this tread will be a great for many others.. 


2 GH3... i might go with only one depending on insurance.

My list for lenses... since is 4/3... i'm think of what the actual focal length will be once on the camera... 2x....  I need pair this down..

Wide  8mm to 12mm
Nikon 10mm 2.8
SLR Magic 12mm 1.6
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8
Canon 8-15mm f4
SLR Magic 11mm 1.4 m4/3

Zoom wide to medium
Olympus 14-35mm f2 ed swd zuiko

Medium 17mm to 28mm
Nikon 28mm 2.8
Voigtlander 25mm f0.95
Voigtlander 17mm f0.95
Voigtlander 42.5mm f.95
Zeiss 18mm 3.5
Sigma 19mm 2.8

Tele  50mm to 85mm
Noktor 50MM f.095
Nikon 85mm 1.4

DSLR RIGS...  needs: rails... matte box, monitor... pull focus.. hand held option and shoulder option... 

What to get... price range... 500 to 1,500.00

I had the ederol pocket which was only ok...  I like the small HD monitor

This is what I've found.. 

Shape Compsite Stablizer
Follow focus
DSLR Rig Bundle

Flashpoint DSLR/DV Cinema

Tilta Tilta III DSLR Rig

Rhino Rhino Rig

Lanparte Follow focus 

Recently, I've been pitching social video campaigns for various potential clients.  My concept is to keep social value in social video as the primary focus.  If you start with that focus, then developing a successful campaign begins with a solid foundation.  

I have a client that has a growing business.  Their problem is needing cash to bring on more sales reps to grow the business.  After talking to the them for a while, I came up with a social video program that solved many problems and will help with their pitch.

We decide to create a video about their industry.  A self-help video for customers in the industry.  This video would be distributed through all the usually channels.  

The main purpose was to offer the video to their clients. They can use it on their web sites as a traffic building social video.  We would customize the video with a end tag for each client.  Meta tagging  each video for their business.  Also present a key word search campaign to promote the video in their towns on google.  A nice social video campaign.

Offering the video and social video campaign is really a lost leader for initiating a sales presentation for their products over the phone using a gotomypc presentation.  None of their potential clients what to take calls from reps or sit through another gotomypc presentation.  However, the added incentive is likely to increase the number of sales call per day based on some initial research.  This on the phone sales strategy reduces their needs to hire new reps going door-to-door.  

The big win comes when all these generic industry videos are on hundreds of their clients website with meta tagging because embedded into the meta tagging will be searchable information about my client.  The SEO value of this program is huge.  

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My new website is live. Sorry, I don't usually use Facebook for business.  Just family rule... but many of you helped me with the soft launch of the site.. I think i got it working now... my friend Larry has a newsletter that goes out to digital media folks around the world.. .about 80,000... he's featuring a story i wrote on 3 of my social video case studies... i also link to the new site, so again thanks.. tomorrow is the deadline for the newsletter.. here's an advance link..

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New web site... I'm doing a soft launch of my new web site. I need some comments... good or bad... I used Adobe Animate Edge and Muse to create the HTML5 website. I sure there must be some compatibility issues with browsers and HTML5. Overall, I've have a good experience. Artists can finally create websites without knowing code. If do decide to comment, use the contact form on the contact page... or here is ok too... 

Here's a video services story... Any lawyers out there that want to send a nasty letter on my behalf to an unethical client. 

For now, I'll keep names out of it.  What a jerk.  I offer to do a video at a cut rate for a foundation.  First, they tried to change all the numbers in the contract without telling me.  Like I would read it?  "Oh, it was a mistake", they said.   My first warning sign.  Then, they stall on the down payment.  This was a rush job, so I went to work for 5 days writing a script, setting production, and buy stuff for the shoot.  The client and I work on the script for two hours together. Going over concepts and lines.  She loves it.  I do a polish.  She shows it to her team.  They ask for a rewrite.  So, I begin.  Then, the client cancels the video and refuses to pay me anything.  What a jerk.  They are foundation too.  Really soured my view of doing almost pro bono work for others. 

You just can't hire people and then not pay them their wages.  She was very unethical.  I feel like an jerk for missing the warning signs. 

So, watch for the signs when working with clients.  

I don't know why I didn't think of this solution before.  I just got hired to produce a web series for a branding company.  The budget is decent but not great.  I wrote a script that would require five college students.  However, I didn't have the budget to hire five actors along with the crew need to support the production.   This will be a multi camera shoot, I'll need make-up, audio and some green screen setups.  Lots to do in one day.

I thought about hiring my friends, but that's a pain. Then came the solution.
I've hired five actors who are also have behind the camera skills. I found actors willing to do the production work to get the gig.  It's been a bit of challenge finding the right looking actors and filling the production crew needs, but I did it.  A bit easier doing this in New York City.

This is a good solution for producing high quality programing efficiently. 
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