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Here are the rules.
1. Only post requests every 10 minutes.
1 1/2. The above rule applies to one person who has given a request.
2. No spamming. For example, Bob posts a request to have me draw pregnant characters. Then he makes me do five other requests to do the same thing.
3. No raging.
4. No profanity.
5. No UTTP/VGCP members allowed.
6. Be mature.
7. No dead horses allowed.
8. No all-caps (unless you mention a character that has an all-caps name).
9. If you see someone breaking any of the rules, report him/her in Report a User (moderators only).
9 1/2. Those who post invalid reasons will be given a warning, then a ban. I will ban whoever is being reported.
10. No offense, but I can only accept art requests.
11. No offense, but I can only accept Tamagotchi and/or HTF fan art.
12. If you have an OC, it has to follow rule 11.
13. Have fun and obey the above rules!

NOTE: Those who had already posted a non-art request or unrelated art request before the last three updates will be safe.

Request - Can you try recreating my profile icon?

Request: Wii sports bowling comparison
(comparison includes wii sports bowling, wii sports resort bowling and wii sports club bowling)
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