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Welcome to The Battle Cats community!

Make sure to read the rules!

If you don't know what The Battle Cats are, it's a free to play app on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It was made by PONOS, a Japanese game company. You play as different kinds of cats trying to take over the world, battling enemies and going through many different levels!

We hope you enjoy being at the community!

Does anyone want a hacked save? I'm creating hacked saves for people who want them

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If anyone want their save hack whether it's a cat unit you want, catfood, battle items or anything let me know.

So I can post hack content on this community?

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It feels strange to come back after so long... I just haven’t really been interested in Google+. But I have made this announcement that I have a YouTube channel where currently, I play mobile games, including The Battle Cats!

Please subscribe to it, I’m improving the content with different games everyday! (Well, almost.)

Here’s the link!

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New video! What do you think of my strategy?

Yay! Paris at 25 now :)

YES! Bahamut at 20! Next Stop: Lvl 20 Paris

At tactical war tuna now. (Sea of tuna) Slightly worried about Cave Fillet though. Any advice?


Enemy's Castle Health:
400 000 HP
Enemies (and Strength Magnification):
- Doge (800%)
- Snache (800%)
- Those Guys (800%)
- Jackie Peng (800%)
- THE SLOTH (100%)
- Doge Dark (Black) (200%)

The enemy's castle will spawn 1 THE SLOTH and another seconds later.

During the Battle
The enemy's castle will spawn Snache, Those Guys, Jackie Peng and Doge Dark every now and then.


Enemies (and Strength Magnification):
- Those Guys (800%)
- Pigge (Red) (800%)
- One Horn (Red) (800%)
- Dark Emperor Nyandam (Red) (600%)
Enemy Boss:
- Teacher Bun Bun (Floating) (600%)

The Enemy's castle will spawn 2 Those Guys.

Boss Shockwave
After taking a few hits, the boss will appear: Teacher Bun Bun. Dark Emperor Nyandam will also be spawned. One Horn, and Pigge will be respawn after being defeated.
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