#Begineer willing to learn the framework, could anyone help me out of the framework so that it help in better understanding.

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Virt Test 2013.06.24 released!

And so we have another version of Virt Test out! This release marks the near completion of the large merge with the Beijing KVM QE team tree. My sincere thanks to all that rebased tirelessly, and sent many patches, and the ones that helped to review this massive amount of work!

With 80 commits, 130 files changed and 17 total contributors, this shows that our test suite is getting a lot of work and love, and it will be even more useful for people wanting to perform linux virt functional and performance testing.


Main features covered on this release, besides the usual bugfixes and general maintenance work:

 * Multiqueue support
 * Updates to tests
 * New cases: qemu_img, multi_vms_nics, timedrift_monotonicity, negative usb, merge block mirror, qmp_command, block_copy
 * KSM setup class

 * Updates to the guest XML libraries
 * New cases: virsh nodememstats, virsh memtune
 * Fixes to existing unittests



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Virt Tests 2013.05.16 released!

More than a month and 286 commits later, Virt Tests 2013.05.16 was just released!

This release took a lot longer than expected due to the fact we're currently undergoing a large code rebase/merge, therefore a lot of patches have to be reviewed and processed. Some last minute problems that were later fixed also stalled the process.

As this is an unusually large release, let's try to give a high level overview of what happened:

 * New APIs that support the new tests were added. There are new APIs pretty much everywhere in the qemu modules realm, such as qemu_vm, qemu_monitor, utils_test, utils_net and others
 * Bugfixes for problems that happened making it all fit together
 * About a 100 new QEMU tests (considering all variants)

You can see the detailed list of commits below.


Thanks for all your hard work, and let's keep rocking the virtualization testing world



Virt Tests 04-12-2013 released!

A bit late, we have one more release of virt-tests. The delay was due to
problems stabilizing the regression infrastructure. This release, we
have the following new tests and features:

New in the repo
 * MAINTAINERS file with maintainer names and emails

New features
 * Support to run on IBM Power Hosts
 * Support to use glusterfs as the storage backend for QEMU

New tests
 * virsh numatune
 * virsh setmaxmem
 * virsh ttyconsole
 * virsh net-start
 * virsh domjobabort
 * multi-host migration with NFS/iSCSI server
 * multi-host migration with floppy
 * autotest_regression

Plus the usual assortment of bugfixes.



Shortlog commit for more details:

Alex Jia (4):
      libvirt: Add virsh numatune commands function wrapper
      utils_cgroup: Add cgroup service control function
      libvirt_xml: Get numa parameters from guest XML
      libvirt: Add numa tuning tests

Chris Evich (5):
      virt-libvirt: Add debugging to normalize_connect_uri
      virt: Un-privatize remote._remote_login()
      virt-libvirt: Fix VirshPersistent.command bug
      virt-libvirt: Implement VirshConnectBack class
      virt-libvirt: Update vcpuinfo to use VirshConnectBack

Cole Robinson (1):
      qemu: unittest: Actually share unittest.cfg

Jiří Župka (8):
      virt: repair problem with undefined cpu_model
      virt: Adds possibility for forbid preprocess_env for multihost mig.
      virt: Adds multihost cdrom tests.
      virt: Repair comment aexpect.
      virt: Adds possibility to choose different data directory from params.
      virt: Adds migration tests with restart NFS, iSCSI server.
      virt: Adds file which contain patterns which should be excluded.
      virt: Adds multihost migration test for floppy

Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues (17):
      tools/check_patch.py: Speed and memory usage improvements
      bootstrap: Only override base cfg files if they are git tracked
      update_config.py: Add a verbose mode
      base_cfg: Fix variable naming typo
      Add unittests for utils_params
      Introduce arch module
      arch: Add arch dependent networking constants
      virttest.virsh: Modify net_dumpxml() for virsh net-list test
      guests: Ubuntu/Debian: Enable apt-mirrors in the default config
      guests: Change Debian/Ubuntu install to atomic partition
      guests: Make Debian/Ubuntu have a more flexible prompt match
      [RFC] Introduce the autotest regression suite v3
      libvirt: Fix docstring typo
      tools/check_patch.py: Accept multiple patchwork patch IDs
      Add MAINTAINERS file
      check_patch.py: Catch exceptions during pylint run
      tools/check_patch.py: Exclude files from check only on old python

Lukáš Doktor (10):
      tests.cpu_hotplug: Fix a bracket typo
      virttest.utils_misc: Add log_last_traceback function
      virttest.qemu_vm: Log the original traceback when VM.create() fails
      virttest.utils_params: Improve message of missing key
      qemu.tests: Use params[] for required params
      qemu.cfg.virtio_console: Remove the only Linux
      virttest.qemu_virtio_port: Log the GW output on failure
      qemu.tests.virtio_console: Check for new data in loopback test
      qemu.tests.virtio_console: Fix incorrect variable name and style
      virttest.qemu_virtio_port: Modify GuestWorker cleanup to suit windows

Mike Qiu (4):
      virttest.utils_misc:fix 'unknown' CPU for IBM Power architecture
      virttest.utils_misc:fix qemu-system-ppc64 cpu model list
      guest-os:add the fedora17 and 18 for ppc64 guest os support
      virt:Fix check_modules error for other arch

Satheesh Rajendran (3):
      virttest/gluster.py: to add the library for glusterfs support
      virttest/storage.py: to add the image file for glusterfs support
      qemu/cfg/tests.cfg: to add flag to enable the glusterfs support

Yanbing Du (1):
      Add test for virsh dump

Yiqiao Pu (2):
      virttest: Add a module for cleaning up enviroment
      qemu.tests: Use funcatexit to handle the clean up in transparent hugepage test

Yu Mingfei (12):
      virt-libvirt: some fixes to virsh suspend test.
      virt-libvirt: Add configuration for virsh dumpxml test.
      virt-libvirt: Add test module for virsh dumpxml.
      libvirt: Add new test virsh net-start
      virt: Add memory slots for VMXMLBase class in libvirt_xml module.
      virt: Add get_max_mem() for VM class in libvirt_vm module.
      virt: Add setmaxmem() for virsh module.
      libvirt: Add test virsh setmaxmem
      virt: Add get_primary_serial functions for VMXML class.
      virt: Add ttyconsole function for virsh module.
      virt-libvirt: Add configuration for virsh ttyconsole test.
      virt-libvirt: Add test module of virsh ttyconsole.

liyang (9):
      virt-libvirt: add configuration for virsh suspend
      virt-libvirt: add test module for virsh suspend.
      libvirt: add virsh function for virsh cpu-compare test
      libvirt: Add new test virsh cpu-compare
      libvirt: Add new test virsh net-list
      virt: add virsh function for virsh net-name test
      libvirt Add new test virsh net-name
      virt: add virsh function for virsh domjobabort
      libvirt: Add new test virsh_domjobabort

whuang (2):
      Add change-media function in virsh module
      libvirt: add change-media testing

Ok, just got the autotest community started. We'll use it to announce releases and get the invites to the Weekly Hangouts going.
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