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روعه روعه
Stunning Sunset Nature's Beauty

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The world’s largest breeding colony of Northern Gannets, the most dramatic plunge-diving bird, is on Bonaventure Island a few km southeast of Percé, Canada. 

This 4-square-km (1.6-sq-mi) geographic pinpoint attracts 293 species of birds, including fish-eating murres, guillemots, auks, gulls, storm-petrels, cormorants and puffins. 

Warblers and other insect-eating birds forage in the island’s forest and meadows. 

Thankfully, Canada has created the Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which includes a 500-meter (1,640-ft) no-go buffer around Bonaventure’s red sandstone cliffs. 

In 2009, Bonaventure Island had 59,586 breeding pairs of Northern Gannets and the size of the colony was growing at a 7.7-percent annual rate. The breeding colony at St. Kilda, Scotland, the largest Northern Gannet colony in the European Atlantic, had 60,290 apparently occupied nests in 2013.

(Photo: Eagle-Eye Tours)

Eagle-Eye Tours offers a June birding voyage the length of St. Lawrence Bay, past Bonaventure and Prince Edward Islands to Newfoundland. The trip during the Northern Gannet breeding season also provides the best whale-watching in Canada.

Bonaventure Island is not always bountiful for all seabirds. Some attracted to the St. Lawrence Bay region can experience a fish surplus one year and scarcity a few years later. Regular 4°C variations in the sea surface temperature in the vicinity of Bonaventure Island are measured, according to researchers with the Memorial University of Newfoundland and Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

“Slight changes in ocean thermal regimes can induce profound changes in the temporal and spatial (both vertical and horizontal) distributions and migratory patterns of pelagic fish,” the researchers reported in the Journal of Marine Science. 

Scientists representing many academic disciplines study those ecological shifts, which occur on time scales of decades to centuries. In general, the long-term sea-surface warming trend of the North Atlantic has led to significant increases in Northern Gannet numbers in Canada, the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland and Great Britain, coastal Scandinavia and Europe, the Mediterranean and northwest coast of Africa.

From Bonaventure Island and from other breeding colonies across the North Atlantic, Northern Gannets plunge head-first, elongating their bodies into arrows as they pierce the sea’s surface.

The gannets sometimes hover like the bird photographed here, and use 8-to-11-second, V-shaped dives and the element of surprise to catch fast-swimming fish in the shallowest 8 m of water. A team of Canadian, German and Italian scientists attached data-logging devices to Northern Gannets at Funk Island east of Newfoundland to document the birds' diving strategies.

When changing water temperatures or other conditions result in schools of fish at deeper depths, gannets make the same plunges, but underwater they switch to U-shaped dives of up to 28 seconds in which they use their wings to pursue fish 20 m below the surface, the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

For artists, writers, photographers, birdwatchers and ecotourists, Northern Gannets flying to and from Bonaventure Island or plunge-diving near their boats, the area offers a wildlife spectacle on par with few others in the world.

I believe that the more we watch, photograph, study and enjoy Northern Gannets, the better for the species, all birds, all wildlife and humans.

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هاهاي وردة
صباحو حبايب اسف خاف ما اعلق عله شخص لئن بل شغل وعلي او فديتكم ولا تقصرون بل نشر كل ساعه 100😂 احبكم

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كلها أمنيات جميلة والشاطر ةو الفاءز

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صباح الانوار
ضيف جديده على المنتدى يمكن ترحيب . 👧
صبااااااح ... اااالخير . اشو ماكو [ اهلا وسهلا ]

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براءة الأطفال غلا من كل شىء
🍃🍒صبــآاااااح ااٱأّلَنِـــوِر🍒🍃
🍒ًصبأح الوفأءوالنقأءوالسعأدة🍒
🍃🍒والهنأآء والحٌّــبْ صباح آلُهِدِۆء🍒
🌸أسأل الله أن يرزقكم🌸


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اهديها لكل إنسان طيب بكل المعاني

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