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Debunking "near planet level" Johnny Test.

1st Claim: "Johnny is near planet level as the Dark Vegan was going to destroy the planet!"
Link's claim:

He literally took the statement COMPLETELY out of context, in the summary of the episode it states here:
Following the events right after "Johnny X: A New Beginning," Dark Vegan returns to destroy the Earth with an upgraded armada. Dark Vegan, with his upgraded armada, is cutting up the Earth's trees and plants (which will remove the oxygen) and sucking up the Earth's water and killing the trees."
He's merely "destroying" the planet by taking all of it's nutrients and things needed for humans to live on it, he's not actually busting the planet itself. By Game's logic, we humans are planet busters are we are slowly killing this planet. So you hear that guys?! You can bust earth now! Have fun with that. "Suck out all the water and cut all of the trees on this wretched planet."
^Proof that he was trying to destroy all life, not the planet itself.
^As shown here all you merely need to do is pull a lever and return everything back to normal. Meaning the feat isn't continental.
^As stated here, not everything was sucked up yet.
^Johnny gets taken down with ease
^A device that was planned to be used to destroy the armada shows only a small building level feat here, meaning you'd need at least small building level AP to destroy it.

^As shown here the earth still has water left, keep this in mind.
^Keep this in mind also.
^"200 megatons of force" barely burned up 2 guys. A 9-C feat from a 200 megatons statment huh.
^Note here that there's still water.
^Keep this in mind.
^Their mega power poot only caused the ships to be destroyed, and as stated earlier, small building level blast could destroy the ship. Secondly, as stated by Jillian, destroying the ship would cause everything to go back to normal, meaning Johnny's power didn't cause it to go back to normal, just the destruction of the ship caused the effect. THEREFORE, Johnny is NOWHERE near planet nor continent level. Hell if anything a 500% amp of his power caused multiple small building dura ships to be destroyed.

2nd Claim: "Johnny is at least city level because his sisters can equip him with 200 megatons of force!"

Debunk: As I showed in the video, a combined mega power poot that amps your power by 500% was only capable of destroying several small building level ships. Meaning base johnny is weaker then small building level.

As shown by the mach 9 scooter( The Johnny Test crew CLEARLY doesn't know how numbers works. "it's a fast and smooth scooter that also has a hidden turbo booster in case of reaching for extra speed (light speed) to travel into time .it can get activate if a person pushes the Mach 9 button, placed on the scooter's handle."
^Johnny Test crew literally thinks Mach 9 allows you to travel through time and the speed of light at that. So with that in mind, no we should not take the "200 megatons of force" statement literal, as the Johnny Test crew have shown that they don't understand numbers. But let's pretend that it's just 200 megatons(cause why not?). Johnny needed to gather a bunch of friends to do a 200 megaton power-poot(mind you it's not ALL together 200 megatons, it's each one has 200 megatons) and all it did was cause the destruction of the city, which fun fact: "7-B City 6.3 Megatons
to 100 Megatons

6.3x10^6 to 108 2.63592x1016 to 4.184x1017 ~16x"
Only requires 6.3 to 100 megatons of force^
Meaning that the feat would mean that the statement would be regarded as an inconsistency or outlier.(Or even PIS/CIS if you really want to argue it).
To be honest, I'm being nice too as Porkbelly could fall possibly under the "Small City" category, as it falls under the average number of people that live in a city.
^Average is stated to be around one million.

Porkbelly's highest number: "2014 860,168 16 64,066 142,326"
Meaning that the feat could POSSIBLY even be lower then what was previously expected.
"Low 7-B Small City 1 Megaton to
6.3 Megatons

106 to 6.3x106 4.184x1015 to 2.63592x1016 6.3x"
Yes people, the attack could of possibly only been ONE whole megaton.

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Debunking Bugs Bunny's animator hax.
So as we know for the longest time we've been saying Bugs Bunny via animator hax grows a dimension higher, however I just noticed something that completely debunks it.

Claim #1: Bugs views Daffy as fiction and can affect him therefore he's a dimension higher!

OK, that's not actually the case, you see the entire episode Bugs Bunny was continuously changing around the plot, basically meaning he has plot manipulation. You don't view someone as fiction via plot manipulation. Nor is he viewing Daffy as fiction here, he's merely messing with the plot of Daffy's episode.

Conclusion: The animator hax is mere plot manipulation, it doesn't put Bugs Bunny a dimension higher it merely allows him to mess with the plot, and the Looney toons verse is only shown to be 3D meaning his plot manipulation is most likely only 3D itself.

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There’s apparently a huge misconception on Master Roshi’s AP/DC in original Dragonball. People seem to not realize what an “outlier” means at all. So let’s get started shall we?

Argument 1: Roshi destroyed the moon in early Dragon Ball!

Counter Argument:
Master Roshi destroying the moon was a clear outlier(, as during the entire fight, Master Roshi was struggling against Kid Goku.
Kid Goku tried the Kamehameha wave on Demon king Piccolo with no avail:
Before you try to say “Oh but Bendy! He was weakened!” If a MAX power Kamehameha is capable of destroying a moon, you’re telling me a weakened Kamehameha can’t defeat a being whose strongest attack is City Level?

Argument 2: Bendy! Roshi’s kamehameha was a MAX power kamehameha!

Counter Argument:
Not only does Roshi state in super that he has a “Strongest Kamehameha Wave”

But, if this is the case, why is it that the very same MAX power kamehameha that destroyed the moon could only destroy Mount Frypan?
Mind you he did this BEFORE the tournament arc. Making it even more clear that the tournament arc kamehameha was an outlier. Oh wait another argument for that though!

Argument 3: Bendy! That just means he trained to get stronger ya idiot!

Counter Argument:
I would agree with you here too, if it wasn’t for the fact that Master Roshi never trained during the road to the tournament arc, he was training Goku and Krillin the entire time while lazing about eating the food Launch made. Meaning by your logic, Master Roshi’s MAX Kamehameha went from City to Moon Level with no training whatsoever.

Argument 4: Bendy! Ugh, listen. He stated in Super during the RoF saga that he was secretly training

Counter Argument:
Yes, in RoF saga, years later. Meaning he could of just implied he was training all the way back during Sayain or Freiza saga. Hell, he might actually mean much much later in DBZ. Unless you’re going to say Master Roshi training for around 30 years only went from Moon to Small Planet Level? If you are then you ignore people like Tien who went from MCB to Small Planet Level after training for so long.

Argument 5: Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z was capable of destroying the moon with a single ki blast Bendy! Master Roshi clearly scales to that, smh.

Counter Argument:
Master Roshi scaling to Piccolo? Master Roshi at the end of OG Dragonball still wasn’t strong enough to beat Demon King Piccolo. Kami is far stronger than Demon King Piccolo, and Piccolo is stronger than Kami. Therefore by your logic, Master Roshi auto-scaled to beyond Kami and Demon King Piccolo with no training whatsoever. Which is completely illogical, especially since Master Roshi is a human and not a saiyan.

OG Dragonball Roshi is not Moon Level, and he doesn’t even reach that level or higher until RoF arc.

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My first Author Wank Debunked was poor as it failed the basics of Quantum Entanglement. So, let me revise the theory!
1- "The Author is outerversal because she exists outside of the mobtalker verse and the mobtalker verse is infinith dimensional due to quantum entanglement!"
Well, no. You see, while the Mobtalker verse IS infinith dimensional, there's no evidence to suggest that The Author exists outside of all of Mobtalker. You could argue that since she exists outside of spacetime, then she exists outside of all of mobtalker, but here's the thing. Spacetime isn't just one dimension. There's things such as perceptions. Since the Player is only 4D, then his perception of time would be 5D. So, The Author existing outside of spacetime would be more 6D instead of outerversal.
#2- "She exists outside of the verse including the concept of dimensions!"
Mxy also exists outside of the DC Multiverse yet he's not outerversal.
#3- "She can create an infinite amount of stories which includes the player who can create an infinite amount of stories including pebbles who can create an infinite amount of stories and so on for an infinite hierarchy!"
So..... Is the Player now High Hyperversal? Now, you could argue that since he scales to Chii who could destroy Mobtalker, but here's the thing. While The Player can hop universes, there's no evidence to suggest that he can jump dimensional scales. So, since there is no evidence to suggest that the Player is high hyperversal, he shouldn't be high hyperversal which debunks this point.

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Hello everyone! The character I'm about to debunk is Bugs Bunny who's like one of the most powerful Toon Force users of all time. Time for me to debunk Bugs Bunny.

#1: "Bugs Bunny is omnipotent since he can just erase characters from existence."
Ok first of all, Bugs Bunny doesn't really use the eraser that often, and secondly erasing anyone from existence is a NLF. His Greatest feat from the eraser was erasing Daffy Duck but that's all it had.

#2: "Bugs Bunny is outerversal since he's the animator."
He's only the animator of the Looney Toons universe, and being the animator of the verse only scales him to universal level. He never erased Time and existence as being the animator.

#3: "boi Bugs Bunny with the Toon Force makes him level like a God or something like that."
Bugs Bunny hasn't shown to be like a god and has only been shown with universal level feats. There's no proof on how Bugs Bunny can be on the same level as god.

#4: "Bugs Bunny pretty much can do anything he can break the 4 fall or can defeat anybody in Video Games and anime..yes he can"
First of all, Bugs has never shown to do anything, and saying that is just like saying a Wizard can do anything in combat. Second of all, Bugs Bunny never uses the 4th wall breaking in combat. Third of all, he can't defeat anybody in video games and anime unless there's proof, but sadly there isn't any proof on how he can defeat any video game and anime character since all he's been shown is with universal feats. He's not even Multiversal level.

So Bugs Bunny isn't the strongest as most people that wank on Toon Force thinks. And he's not Omnipotent.

Alright! I will start off Debunking Undertale Wanks by VSBW first!

At the end, whether the Player agrees or not, Chara will destroy the world. However, "world" in this case does not refer to the planet, or a single timeline, but instead the game's entire reality. This can be seen by the fact that when Chara performs this feat, the game crashes, and upon booting it back up, there is absolutely nothing. How am I so sure Undertale's entire reality was destroyed, you may ask? Simple. Had only the planet been destroyed, Frisk or the Player simply could have reset from their last save point, and the game would not have crashed, as in no circumstances does Frisk's death do this without an outside force pushing you out. Had only a single timeline been destroyed, the game ALSO wouldn't have crashed, as both Omega Flowey and Asriel later destroy timelines while the overall reality of the game itself remains stable.

However, "world" in this case does not refer to the planet, or a single timeline, but instead the game's entire reality.

•First of all,you are using a GM to quantify the destruction which is Obviously a bad choice,period.It was also noticed that Photoshop Flowey did not kill Frisk completely and utterly (Frisk can still fight him even if the game crashed,Frisk didnt for Chara's case),proving that his Game Breaking feat cannot be compared to Chara.

•From Asriel's dialogue,The World also seems to be just a timeline,or just a few timelines (Implied by the existence of F.Vs,in the F.Vs,there's only a few different scene rather than just a hundred different scenario tbh)

F.U.N Values
(I will be using this wiki only for Official quotes)

If the World is just a timeline [Low End]:

Asriel's quotes:
"You know... I don't care about destroying this world anymore."
 (After Star Blazing – Before Shocker Breaker)

"Now, ENOUGH messing around! It's time to purge this timeline once and for all!"
(Before Hyper Goner)

"... even after that attack, you're still standing in my way...? Wow... you really ARE something special. But don't get cocky. Up until now, I've only been using a fraction of my REAL power! Let's see what good your DETERMINATION is against THIS!!"
 (After Hyper Goner – Before Angel of Death)

•Asriel can be said to have destroyed the timeline by those statements.

"No! NO! I don't need ANYONE!STOP IT! Get away from me! Do you hear me!? I'll tear you apart!"

•Asriel desperately tried to kill Frisk but failed neverthelessly.
Despite all the effort he tried to kill Frisk,there was no destruction or shockwave that leads to more destruction,implying the World is just a timeline since Asriel had destroyed it and there's nothing left for Asriel to destroy.

If the World is a few Timelines(F.V) [High End]
•It was proven by both Sans' and Alphys' dialogue

•Sans's quotes:
"our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting..."
[Attack #2]
"until suddenly, everything ends."
[Attack #3]

•Alphys's quote:
"There are alternate Universes out there!"

•Besides,when Asriel purged the timeline,Frisk was stated to be unable to move,which could be a reference to how Frisk cant move in a timeless void without infinite speed.

•Even after the timeline was purged,it still states The World is still ending,which could refer to his presence threatens the other timelines.

•This would be Multi-Universal Undertale only

As for evidence that the game's reality contains multiple timelines (aside from the above), Sans is very explicit when mentioning multiple timelines during your battle with him, and makes it very clear that the problems with them randomly being created and destroyed is due to the constant meddling and resetting done by the Player. He also makes it clear that you're going to keep wiping out timelines until nothing is left. Just as Sans foretold, after killing Flowey, Chara destroys everything, and after the Player sells them their SOUL, goes on to ruin all subsequent timelines, just because they can. As an aside, before anyone tries to say, "Chara only destroyed the monster world" or something ridiculous; not only is that not even a thing (as monsters and humans live on the same planet in the same universe only separated by the barrier), but Undyne also makes it very, very clear that Chara will kill EVERYONE, not just monsters..

•Since when Resetting creates alternate timelines,are you assuming stuff?
There is literally nothing suggesting that or even implying that being a thing.Sans' wording even contradicts Undertale following Many World Interpretations when he said timelines are stopping and yet starting for some apparent reason.

•Sans makes it clear that Timelines are jumping left and right.Meaning that RESET as the name suggests only resets back the timeline,aka Time Travelling.Besides,Sans directly stated that Frisk is a Time Traveller.

He also makes it clear that you're going to keep wiping out timelines until nothing is left.

“until suddenly, everything ends. [Attack #3]”
•His wordings clearly implies that everything ends suddenly,which contradicts his very own presence.

Just as Sans foretold, after killing Flowey, Chara destroys everything, and after the Player sells them their SOUL, goes on to ruin all subsequent timelines, just because they can.

•Chara only destroyed the World which is either the timeline or just a few timelines.

Now as I said earlier, Sans points out that the creation and destruction of multiple timelines is the fault of the Player messing around with their Determination-based time powers. However, before Frisk came into the picture Flowey possessed this power, and also possessed it for a much, much longer period of time. In fact, he reset so many times, he knew literally every possible outcome of every action for every scenario which he could perform in the Underground. The way Sans talks about timelines jumping around, he makes it sound as if quite a few of them are being affected. This is only from the Player's actions. Can you imagine all the potential timelines created by Flowey's resetting? Resetting done for years and years until he was virtually omniscient? While we don't know the exact number of timelines in the verse, due to Flowey's actions, there's likely enough to qualify for a 2-B rating, which is why Chara is rated as "Likely 2-B" for destroying the entirety of the verse in one shot.

•As I said before,sans' wording already contradicts your assumption.
Determination-based power may be able to mess with the timeline/s but alternatively creating timelines is an unproven assumption.In other words,Flowey using this power for such a long time is irrelevant as the amount of timeline/s still remains constant.

Since Chara's rating has been explained, I'll now move on to Omega Flowey. To put it quite simply, he is where he is because he makes it very clear that when he accomplishes his plan to steal the six human SOULS from Asgore, he will become stronger than Chara.

•As I said before, Flowey's wordings are heavily contradicted when Chara destroyed the said World.
By your logic,Photoshop Flowey>Asriel because Photoshop Flowey according to your logic destroyed the said World via his mere presence but Asriel in his final form only cause the world to be ending.

•Besides,True Pacifist Frisk was seen unable to properly move in a timeless void (She struggled to move but to no avail). Different from Asriel's battle after he purged the timeline,Frisk was able to move just as fine, implying that Omega Flowey didn't actually erase the said World like what VSBW claimed.

• Heck, Photoshop Flowey was even constantly using RESET which is an ability that would only works in a place with time. And that is a very concrete proof that utterly contradicts statements of Photoshop Flowey erasing the timelines via his mere presence.

Oh, and speaking of multiple timelines, Omega Flowey creates MULTIPLE SAVEs during your fight with him, which is firsthand proof that more than one timeline can exist simultaneously.

•First of all, SAVE files consisting of timelines are a nonexistent thing throughout the game.
It is not even implied to have those timelines.Burden of Proof fallacy for you then.

•Second of all, if Omega Flowey really created those SAVE files which apparently consist of timelines,then what would Frisk be?
4D Multi-Universal+ Base Frisk for creating a SAVE file which apparently consists of timelines?
4D Undertale confirmed !!!!

CHECK stats are, as the name implies, the stats seen when using the CHECK option on an enemy

•The STATs tbh,are contradicted by a lot of characters.
For Example
both Asgore and Toriel have the same stats

•But the difference is that Toriel can be Oneshotted by a LVL3 Frisk but not Asgore.

•Not to mention Undyne stated Asgore as superior than her and yet able to beat Toriel (who has the same STATs as Asgore btw) easily.

•Besides,characters like Glyde and Mad Dummy further disproves the CHECK STATs power scaling as it makes it even inconsistent which should be prohibited

Glyde's quote:
"Refuses to give more details about its statistics."

Mad Dummy has a DEF of YES when mad and 0 when it's happy

Almagamates has a negative AT and DEF STATs and yet are able to kill you...

It proved how inconsistent STATs is ^

•Besides,you cant have a finite 3D stats while still being a 4D character
(If it's possible to have finite 3D stats while still being a 4D being,by that logic, 4D beings dont have infinite 3D stats).

•Assuming LVL correlates with Stats(but it isnt, as a matter of fact),Photoshop Flowey is still not capable to bring mass destruction to timelines(since he has a LVL of 9999).
Chara doesnt have a specified LVL or STATs so her 4D status wont be affected/contradicted.

When they did this, their stats were 99/99, as I've already said. So what does that make someone who is literally infinite in comparison? Yep, 2-A. Oh, and all of this is only taking into account Asriel using a small fraction of his power, which is why full power Asriel is "At least 2-A".

•Yee.So destroying a timeline is 2-A.Yee??
And also,Humans' STATs are not the same as Monsters'.By your logic,Human has 0 AT STATS and fully relies on Weapons, which is not even close to being true since Humans had been made clear that their souls possess a greater strength compared to the Monsters'.

From the Library in Snowdin Town:
(Blue Book)
"While monsters are mostly made of magic, human beings are mostly made of water.
Humans, with their physical forms, are far stronger than us."

Of course, we can't forget Undyne the Undying. While her tier is slightly less certain, she still has the "likely 2-B" for having stats of 99/99; the same as Chara at the very end of the genocide route. As for why she was beaten by a Chara who was still below their maximum potential, that should be incredibly obviously. Undyne is canonically vastly stronger than Chara at that point, but Chara has the advantage of being able to reset as many times as they need to and learn Undyne's exact patterns, as well as the fact that they have the advantage of causing her vastly greater damage than she would normally be taking due to their killing intent and absurdly powerful SOUL. While Undyne the Undying is very likely 2-B, it is important to remember she is also a very, very weak 2-B (comparatively to other things in the tier), as she only really has raw power going for her while being comparatively very slow to other beings in the tier, as well as lacking substantial hax.

•Undyne is in no form or way that she is even close to being City level (if she is Multiversal,why didn't she destroy the timeline to kill you?). And since when being possessed=the thing possessing you?

•Let's say that you are being possessed by a ghost.
Are you a ghost? No.
Are you intangible? No.
Are you having the ability to possess other beings too? No.
Are you having immense strength stronger than any physical beings(in a way)? No.
Besides,Chara didn't even completely possess Frisk until the very end of the Genocide Route.

Finally, we have Frisk, though the reasoning for their placement should be absurdly obvious. At incredibly high amounts of Determination, they were able to deal small amounts of damage to Omega Flowey before he had been weakened, at all. Their Determination was also part of what gave Chara their power. Finally, at their peak, they were even able to tank hits from full power Asriel and resist him trying to erase them from existence.

•First of all,Frisk damaging Omega Flowey is nothing more than a bloody outlier as Frisk didn't display such power even when she is fighting Asgore.It's also disproved by the fact that her Dat was not stated to be increased unlike other circumstances
(Before battling Asgore,Toriel,etc)

•Frisk doesn't give Chara the power to use True RESET.
The Anomaly aka You did.C
hara had made it clear that YOU revived her,It was you bringing her up,as well as making her realised her purpose of reincarnation..
Your power awakened me from death.
My "human soul"...My "determination"...
They were not mine, but YOURS.
At first,
I was so confused.Our plan had failed, hadn't it?
Why was I brought back to life?...You.
With your guidance.I realized the purpose of my reincarnation.
Together, we eradicated the enemy and became strong.
Every time a number increases, that feeling...”

As a set minimum tier, the Dog would be at least High 2-A, as even beings such as Asriel are quite literally fictional to him, and he exists independently of the world they're bound to, since he created it in the first place. However, since he is really an impossible character to judge the exact potential of, due to the fact he exists pretty much only to be funny and cause mischief, he is placed at Unknown

"At least High 2-A"
Aint Gonna say anything,I am outta here

TLDR: UT God tiers are 4D Low Multi-Universal,with the exception of TAD being possibly High 2-A with a vague possibility of viewing the verse as fiction

Welp.I will end this really messy post rn.

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Can someone give me a list of Undertale wanking?Would like to make a debunk on that

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Wank Debunked! This time, I'll discuss Mario! So here we go!

Claim: "Mario is multi-universal for defeating Dreamy Bowser who had the power of multiple universes!
Debunk: A few problems with that:
1. That feat was an outlier. He hasn't shown any power feats close to that.
2. Mario had Luigi's help as well. And they're practically equal.
3. Still, Mario has struggled against stellar level beings.
4. Mario is like solar system-multi solar system via scaling to Bowser who can outswim black holes. And Mario has never shown to be in the power of multi-universal.

Claim: "Mario defeated Dimentio who is multiversal!"
Debunk: This isn't the case for these reasons:
1. Base Dimentio is multi universal, while Super Dimentio is multiversal.
2. That's Paper Mario, which is non canon.
3. Paper Mario only needed the help of the Pure Hearts in order to beat Dimentio.

Claim: "Mario can outswim black holes which gives Base Mario solar system strength in base!"
Debunk: I do agree Mario at is peak is like solar system-MSS but there are a few problems with that:
1. Mario Party is non canon.
2. This applies for all characters which make them equal.

Claim: "Mario can travel across galaxies with the Lumas, making him MFTL+!
Debunk: Yes, Mario is MFTL+ (go call me a low tier debater Dyph) but there are some problems:
1. That's WITH the help of the Lumas.
2. Mario mostly travels across solar systems/galaxies with either Lumas or Starship Mario.
3. By that logic, I can say an adult is over 70 mph because they have a car.
But Mario is MFTL+ in base and even faster with Lumas. But he goes that fast mostly with Lumas.

Next time: Memes
+Hail The God Twains What do you think?

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Okay, so...Gumball is next. Let's debunk why Gumball isn't as powerful as some people think!

Claim: "Gumball has universal strength for harming Darwin who survived the Big Bang!"
Debunk: There are some problems with that misconception.
1. ToonForce can be inconsistent. So, it's possible that Darwin was caught off guard.
2. Even if that was the case, a random house cat has Planet-Star level strength for harming Saitama.
3. In the same sentence, Darwin was also able to hurt Gumball. And Darwin's best strength feat is moving the earth just by sneezing, which is a planet level feat. That's not universal!
4. Durability=/=Attack Potency. So it's not credible.
Claim: "Gumball is massively faster than light for traveling to Saturn/Jupiter and back in 3 seconds, which is over 650 times the speed of light!"
Debunk: Again, I believe this is a misconception.
1. Gumball has shown 0 other times he went this fast. Sure, he's fast. But other times, he's reached speeds of hypersonic-FTL. Such as running so fast he can ignite fire which makes Gumball bare minimum Mach 5, saving Darwin in nanoseconds making him Mach 10, which is hypersonic. Or doing another feat which I'll talk about now.
2. Gumball was launched by Mr. Robinson's car, and he went back in 10 seconds. Which isn't MFTL, but it's probably FTL.
3. By that logic, the average astronaut is over Mach 22 because they travel in a spaceship from the moon to earth in some time.
Claim: "Gumball can tank hits from the console which can destroy the universe!"
Debunk: Sorry, Hail. This had to be done.
1. Gumball DOES have multi galaxy-universal durability, but he can still get knocked out by regular attacks. So Gumball's durability changes usually.
2. This also applies for Anais, so she has universal durability too? Even when she lacks feats even remotely close to universal? Her best feats come from harming Gumball, which I'd highball at planet since he can scale to the earth moving and be equal to Darwin.
Gumball's true power: So, Gumball has planet level attack potency/strength, hypersonic-FTL speeds, and universal durability. Gumball isn't exactly universal strength wise or in attack potency, but he is planet, maybe multi-planet strength wise. But going off feats, Gumball is planetary, but is higher via hax.

Next time: Screw it! Here's a list for the future!
Naruto verse

+Hail The God Twains

Here is one for sword art online. Their characters are only strong in game, outside the game they would get fodderized by anyone who has powers that are not game based. Even someone without powers can just smother them with a pillow while they are stuck in the game. In a direct fight a trained martial artist could probably beat everyone outside the game one on one gauntlet style.
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