If anyone alive I am looking for someone to rp with

((Open RP))
A small girl with a loose collar around her neck wanders the auction house curiously though obviously an unclaimed slave she was well taken care off. Even the people who sell the slaves just pet her between her fox ears when they pass by her which causes her to murr happily and her little tail to swish excitedly. Some of them even give her a cookie or a piece of candy as they go by showing that she isn't one of the slaves that gets locked up. She gets free reign of the auction house and shows no signs of wanting to escape as she hums a little tune and goes about doing whatever it is she is up to.

How many people are even alive in this group anymore?

Name: Marry Ann Kate
Age: 16
Gender: female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 124 Ib
Hair color: Caramel
Eye color: a crystal blue color
Bust size: 88 cm
Master/mistress: open
Cost: $700
Likes: Tea, beaches, reading, party's/dancing, sex in areas that aren't on a bed/couch type thing, nice people that aren't pushovers, people who admire her
Dislikes: Vore, gore, people who ignore her.
Fetishes: None in particular....... Just follow her list of likes
Turn offs: Her dislikes basically

Bio: ................................ If your ocs would work at it they might be able to get her to tell............

x.x rp died flails

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Name: chim chim
Gender: male
  Age: 16
 Hieght: 5 foot 3 inches
 Wieght: 110 lbs
 Hair color: red
 Eye color: blue
 Bust (females only): n/a
 Penis size (males only): 3 inches
 Master or mistress (if you have one): n/a
  Price: 500$
  Likes: food cuddles and forced anal pounding 
 Dislikes: bieng wet, annoying people, and bieng made fun of
  Fetishes: cat/fox girls bieng dominated and bdsm
 Turn offs: scat piss and anything that leads to srious injury or death
 Bio (optional): 

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Alexander sits in an auction house hoping for something to catch his eye

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Name:Alexander vall Rose
Age:24 (in appearance )
Height 6"8
Weight 205
Appearance: normally wears a black leather duster coat either wearing a light shirt or nothing underneath with black jeans and black boots. He has long blonde hair thet reaches his lower back and icy neon blue eyes typically wearing masks to keep his identity a mystery at social functions

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Name: Ludette Beilschmidt

Gender: female

Age: 25

Hieght: 6'

Wieght: 150

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: sapphire

Bust: D/E

Master or mistress (if you have one): none

Price: $20,000

Likes: cats, italy, cooking, reading

Dislikes: being called weak

Fetishes: enema, impregnation, breast milking, public sex, pool sex, bathroom sex, shower sex, locker room sex

Turn offs: scat, gore, vore
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Name: shade

Gender: futa

Age: 18

Hieght: 5'0

Wieght: 145lbs

Hair color: black with blue stripes

Eye color: green

Bust (females only): DD

Penis size (males only): nearly 2 feet long and 2 inches wide

Likes: being a tease, 'games', having fun, and playing with others's heads

Dislikes: being teased, rape, and violence

Fetishes: bdsm, and being bit

Turn offs: having to deal with children
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