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((Open RP))

Walking down the hall

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Name- Kasumi Gorya

Age- 14

Grade- 9th

Good/Evil- good

Race- Neko

Weapon- when needed a dagger

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Minato Arisato



Evil but can be good at times but is mostly Evil

Dark Angel with magical powers


~ His Long Sword

~ His Pistol

~ His magical powers

Status of Living or Not:
Is a dead, Dark Angel but he disguises himself to look like he is alive

He is very shy, normally doesn't talk to people. He is always listening to music so he doesn't have to talk to people. If people want to be his friend, they have to find a way to get his music away from him. He stutters a lot and is very open hearted.

He doesn't remember anything of his past or present. His memories were erased from his brain when he was turned into a Dark Angel after originally being an Angel

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Name: Sapphirine Axle
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Good but mostly evil...
Species: Neko Demon Trickster
Powers: the ability to turn a thought into any "weapon"
Likes: Trolling equipment, fish, music, cat and dog family, bazooka
Dislikes: Angels
Weapons: Most guns but can use swords
Specializes: Elements, Engineering, Assassination and Trickery
Personality: A mysterious/crazy 17 year old girl, she can be psychotic at some times and enjoys being in power. When she is not in a psychotic mood she is usually somewhat "playful". She is a tricky thief and an assassin. She loves to trick everyone.
Appearance: (pic 1 human form) (pic 2 demon form) (pic 3 demon trickster form) (pic 4 weapons)
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Name: Nikolai Vi Darkovich
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Grade: 10
Good/Evil: Prophecized to be evil but he is slowly growing good.
Species: Underworld Demon
Weapons: Two heavy swords
Personality: Nice, loving, caring, but once enraged he is a whole different person, his eyes glow brightest of all reds, one upstraight cross in his right eye,and a upside down cross in his left.
Bio: Was born as a loyal prince of the Underworld, he had two older siblings, he was 88th heir to the throne, at the age 10 he was ordered to kill his own mother, but he refused, his father was furious so his father killed Nikolai's mother right in front of him. Which resulted in Nikolai being shunned forever from the Underworld.
Likes: Swords, hugs, cats, cake, sleeping
Dislikes: Rude people.

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Nikolai was walking down the hallway, he rolled his sleeves up It's hot in here... jees...

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Name:  Harkie-Chu Zuka
Age:  16
Grade: 10
Good/Evil: Half and Half
Race: Witch
Weapon: Wand
Dead/Alive: Alive
About: Father beat her with bottle and that stuff until 13 when her cousin +Akaturo-San Reko saved her. If you have a weapons and she flips out that is why. Her mother owned the school until she died so Harkie knows most of the secrets. She never asked to be a Darkness witch it was a curse. She use to be all light and happy until her father. All her holds now if happiness.
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I walked in and looked around as others stared and talked about me "You know that is the owner of the school daughter.... People says she knows things about the school..." I kept my head down and sat at my desk ((Open Rp to all!))
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