Agent Telesphores here.

So, has anyone given thought to an NAU First Saturday? Or perhaps a flagstaff mission day?! I am more than willing to assist with food/prize support, but do not have much time to set up/organize such an event.

Hello.  I am going to introduce myself.  I live in the Mesa area but make the trek up north at least once a month, having lived in Flagstaff as a teenager.  I hold the area close to my heart.  I'm currently a level 11 Resistance player, Agent18Sco404.  Nice to see all of you.

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Hi I'm a agent from Flagstaff who just started playing recently. I live very close to downtown Flagstaff and operate mostly in that area.

Looks like a new group of people here. I would like to introduce myself. My IGN is PallStar and I am based in the Surprise area, just a few miles south of the Echo 6 zone. I actually live in Echo 5 as part of the Phoenix Metro area, but I do frequent the Sedona and Flagstaff areas. I work for Coldwell Banker as part of their IT department and when I am in Sedona working at my offices there, I have a tendency to pop a few portals in the shops area and sometimes work on some fields. At least once a month, I go with a friend up to the Flagstaff area to enjoy the quiet of the surrounding trails and nature paths. I am happy to be part of this group as I know there is a chance that I might cross paths with a few of you.
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