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For all game geeks!
Minecraft Potions Handbook is another amazing guide that offers all detailed and complete references of the game. As a sandbox independent video game with great graphic design is totally worth giving it a try. Engage with us on Amazon and find out more about our offer.
Just because it is good- It is a must have...
Affordable prize is a plus
>>>>>Book reviews highly recommended<<<<<

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Hey this is my first post here so here is all of my goals :D also be sure to help me reach my goals by clicking the subscribe button on youtube!
My goals..
A YouTube Channel that post all sorts of gaming videos and I will also play with fans also. I will also make some videos them too. And also remember every subscription, like, or comment matter.
My GOALS of 2015
25 subs (COMPLETE)
50 subs (COMPLETE)
100 subs (COMPLETE)
150 subs ( SO CLOSE!)
200 subs ( SOME WHAT CLOSE :P)
Later years
500 subs(PUSHING IT XD)
1000 subs(OK SURE ;P)
2500 subs(DREAM MUCH?)
5000 subs(FACEPALM)
Far far from now xD
10000- If I hit this I will burst into fireworks, still a long way to go but I have time and people to make video for and If you even are reading this thank you for checking the channel.(MAYBE?!)
Fox Bro Gamez

Who thinks that minecraft is the best game ever?

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Hey if anyone is looking to joining a new gaming community...not on G+  It's brand new.....I'm not a bot not trying to spam or anything but i guess it kind of is, sorry. 

Here are the ranks for our community:

-Newbie; the first rank when you join us!

-Iron Poster; achieved when you have joined and posted 5 times!

-Golden Poster; achieved when you have posted 10 times and have 1 Minecraft post!  Unlocks ability to post in Gaming council!

-Diamond poster; achieved when you have posted 20 times and have 5 Minecraft posts, and at least 1 character in Role playing! Lets you become a council member, and apply for staff member!

-Creeper Poster; achieved when you have achieved Diamond poster, and 5 more gaming posts!  lets you apply for a faction, and lets you get unlimited characters!  

-King poster; achieved when you are in a faction, and have posted a total of 35 posts(adding up from other ranks), and a council member, and a staff member.  Lets you be an assistant Moderator, and apply for high council member!

Comment when you have achieved a rank and I will put you on the Rank Board! (Comment to post in this section)

Community Ranks:

-Kaden Hearne
Rank:  King Poster/Moderator

More will come as ranks are achieved!  

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Hello!  This section of our community is for Minecraft, photos, videos, comments, ect.  We hope you enjoy our Minecraft community!

Hello!  Use this to discuss new video game releases!

Hello!  This section of our community is for anything that has to do with gaming!  Photos, videos, anything you want!  Chat about your favorite games, or even make a video on the game!  Use this for your gaming needs!
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