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This app is very useful. This is first time when I'm writing to express my opinion anywhere and give you some feedback.

I have two suggestions:
1. Add 1x1 widget to adding task directly from microphone.
2. Function to set default calendar for tasks synchronization.

Keep improving. Good luck. 

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Hi Alex,

I just saw microsoft released MD ToDo. As it is a windows based app, would ypu plan to interface in the near futurefuture?

Good app. Is it possible to get start date and time for tasks?

Please make Tasknames multiline again, Enter is not working, just switching to next row. Now we have to write everything in description, than copy-paste to Taskname for it to look properly alligned!

Hi Alex! Tasks was working ok until five minutes ago, when crashed. i've reinstalled it twice, but no change. It starts ok, but I can't import my tasks without crashing. 

This app is the best on andorid. I love it use everyday and very much needed options! Thx for create. good luck P.S my english maybe be low.

I've been a long time user of Astrid and now Tasks and use the app daily. Unfortunately my phone died a few weeks ago and took my task list with it :( My fault for not backing up/syncing. I am in the process of recreating my list from memory and syncing to gTasks. However, Repeat From Due Date Tasks aren't syncing the repeat information to gTasks and Repeat From Completion Date Tasks aren't syncing at all. Is this the expected behavior of the sync with gTasks? Are there other options for syncing/auto backup?

I love this app. Great job. A few things that would make it even better would be 1) allow a task to have a simple checklist. I have seen this as a separate field or built within the comments field. 2) current filter editing is limited to the name only and not the selection criteria which means I need to guess at what was listed and recreate it with the changes I need. 3) nested lists to better group work lists vs home lists.

Also, could you tell me know to use the subtask feature as I can not find that option.

Hi Alex, the last update won't let organize the tasks manually even when I select manual sorting option, the problem is that whenever I drag a task to somewhere it goes back at it's previous place, looking forward to your reply 
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