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Need a Virtual Assistant to help you with your workload? Or maybe you need a Virtual
Receptionist to answer your calls? Whatever your need is (24Task) can help.

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Hi. New user & Loving Tasks

1. Is there a FAQ document, or ither place to search for help?

2. For example: how do delete labels?


Is there a way to disable the translation of number in task names to phone numbers? I don't want the phone icon to be displayed on such tasks...

Doesn't this app performs backups automatically? I had to do a Factory Reset on my phone, and lost everything. No backup files in the org.tasks folder...

Really love this app, so many others just miss the mark by either being too complicated or by not supporting the basic functionality of Google Tasks... including the latest offering by Google themsleves.

I use a lot of subtasks and before I "go pro" can you tell me if there is any plans for the following:
1. Collapse/expand subtasks in both main app and widget.
2. Hierarchical support in widget so subtasks are nested as they can be in the main app with manual sorting.
3. Easier entry of subtasks to a parent node e.g. quick add of subtasks in the parent edit page.


The app always suddenly close when I opening some list from google task

How do I set up a geo task to run (or remind me to run) an app based on my location?
I'd love to try that.
Everything else still works great for me.
Barry Miller
New Orleans

Somehow Tasks crashs upon start. If I empty my data Tasker starts. I discovered it with 5.3.0 but somehow I'm not sure if it only belongs to Tasks or something other, too.
But with data of the 12.1 and 5.2.1 it works.

Is there a way to trigger a tasker profile when a task is completed?
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