Oh my-
The creator of Naruto lowkey called out Dragonball... comment here to find out why...

Haven't Posted in a while, but I know Doctor Doom is Michaels favorite fictional characters, so let's recall a kill count.

Dc vs Marvel- Defeated Superman single handedly, Outsmarted Batman and Oracle, Beat Dr. Fate in Sorcery.

The Dragonball Universe- Single handedly fought Broly, Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks at max power. Challenged Beerus (was a to be continued) and Roasted Tien.

Naruto- A Fanfic written by Narutards, but accepted Doc would kill all of them.

Marvel Universe- Killed Galactus, Apocolyps, and Stole Thonos's Infinity Gauntlet right in his face too xD. Killed the Avengers, Fabtastic Four and X-Men.

Star Wars- Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Grevious?

Remember this: "The only time Doctor Doom lose, is when the writers want him to"
-Marvel Writers.

+KIDD & Co. Law Offices​

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Childhood and birthday ruined
Animated Photo

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😂😂 Oh my goodness.
Not sure if I ended him.
Sorry for bringing drama here guys.

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sigh Just read the comments... you'll understand.
I'm +Kerin Akashiya​

Who's getting SoJ?

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So... I looked up my friend YouTube and I saw this... I have to admit, it was good.
But yeah, he uploaded it 2 months ago.

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Just grinding Lux they said-
One boss... a raid boss...
That lux grinding... turned into a festival to the point where I reached level 220...

+KIDD & Co. Law Offices​ wHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!??

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So hyped for this figure....!!!

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.... 😏
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