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My SupremePure  Forskolin  it was packaged nicely and in perfect condition and I am now trying it out the company is very nice and I am happy to be working with them and my Walmart beauty box I got for 5 and I love it!!! In my Walmart beauty box I got Dove advanced oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner and Dove deep moisture nutrium moisture body wash and ponds rejuveness anti wrinkle cream 1.75 ounce and ponds facial wipes 5 in the  pack and cover girl outlast lipcolor in wine to five and a paper sample with a coupon Maybelline dream wonder powder
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Lush bath bombs need I say more
Posted on January 12, 2015 by cheetahgurl32

Lush bath bombs are a must for any woman’s bath time! makes your skin nice and soft and the awesome smell goes thru out your house talking about a luxurious bath then Lush is what you will want I tried the rose queen and all the awesome flower petals and oh my I loved the scent it also changes your bath color all bath bombs have awesome essential oils for your skin and very relaxing Full of blossoms, petals and a sensuous new rose fragrance that is so oh la la I will be including a link for you to go and check them out you will never regret using lush all natural products that leave your skin glowing and feeling fresh

Katy Perry Lashes
Posted on January 10, 2015 by cheetahgurl32


I Love Katy perry false lashes they are the only ones I use now they are easy to put on and the ones in the pink box looked so natural people thought they were my natural lash and they even came with an extra sticky strip which I thought was cool and the lashes are not made of that fake shiny looking mess you should try them you will love them that is if you have not tried them already lol

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(1) Wash oily hair more often
(2) Wash dry hair less often like maybe 2 or 3 times a week
(3)use your shampoo only on your scalp other wise it can cause fly away hairs and hair that is coarse
(4)Use conditioner after every shampoo on the ends of your hair only because putting it all over your hair can cause limp or flat weighing your hair down, it can improve damaged and coarse looking hair by making it look shiny it also decreases static improving strength
(5) Make sure you pick a shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type
(6) Make sure you use a wide toothed come to come your hair and try not to do to much to it while it is wet as it will cause your hair to break off your hair is delicate like silk and should be treated very gently while wet
(7) I always do a good deep conditioner at least once a month I get the over night hair repair for mine or a protein pack for my hair
(8) I use 2 prenatal vitamins with 1 Biotin pill it is supposed to be similar to hairfinity for a fraction of the price and I have noticed a difference in my hair
(9) After I wash my hair I use an oil for my tips of my hair like Argan oil or Macadamia oil you can find some of these at sally’s that’s right I am a sally’s girl lol sally’s has a great variety of beauty and spa products love it!

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   #eyelashcurler    This is a wonderful product that I did get to try for free and I love it it is not made from that flimsy material it is made sturdy it does not pich or pull and I love the way my lashes looked after using this the company is very nice they care about their customers and most of all these are Satisfaction Guaranteed  so nothing to lose by trying them it also comes with an extra silicon cover which I show in the picture
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#pose  you get a free 10 dollar credit when you sign up with them they do charge 6.99 for shipping so if you pick something for 3 or 3.50 you get it free or if they have a promo for free shipping then you can spend the full 10 https://pose.com/ so go and check them out

#pinchme   has a box of samples you can get every month free but you have to be there by 12 noon otherwise all the samples to pick from will be gone so go and check that out :)
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