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To Anyone May Feel Unloved Or Not welcome I love You And Let Me Say Welcome To You This Is AMERICA And You Are Not Alone!You Are Important And Needed To The United State Of America So You Are America You Are The Face Of America You Are The Spirit Of America So You Matter ! To All Other People That Are Dreaming Of Coming Here So Hold Your Head Up And Be American America Is More Than Fat Old White Rich Hateful Man Even If That Man Is President !!! So Be Who You Are American Go Do&Live Free You Are Americans!

Good Sunday to all please put people first today it's Easter Sunday God is good God is Great have a peaceful day remember what God did for all of his children he love's all people no matter where you are or came from, welcome and love to all of his children that means you too!!!

People if we can make all people feel loved, we can help with a smile or a kind word or listen to give of your self can be reward's enough but sometimes their in a Resthome or house in but can't see anyone but you can visit I remember when my daughter would go running in to say Hi she would not know them but to a little one it didn't matte she Went in so happy to meet them, she loved them so much and didn't care because God was with her and she knew a smile is universally know to all because they were not able to speak but a smile of child is something we all under stand and she would go to the next room I can't tell you how proud of her I was of her we all have a child in us so let's go run free if only once in your life to give someone a smile or maybe talk to make a new friend if we all did it one time it would help so much more than you know remember when we are in that place to give of yourself is all our heavily father wants of us, we all are child of God so run don't walk to the next room to meet another friend God Bless all of our heavily father children if it was us or some one we love we would do it with out hesitation so go and make a good friend their waiting for you now. Peace to all people you are loved!!! God Bless all on this Easter weekend the love of God is your's today and every day love to all because love is of GOD.
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