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Our faculty of robotics and electronics, Prof. Dattaraj Vidyasagar was interviewed by the popular

We wish heartiest congratulations, sir!

Interview is published at following link. Please visit the link and also share it.

Your comment will be appreciated. Thanks!

To read the interview, visit this link:

Are there any vedio lectures on all chapters of 12th std electronics???

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Perfect Answers HSC Board Exam Paper Solutions
Price: Rs.500/-
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Collection of Solved Questions of HSC Board Toppers 2011 & 2015
Now you can manage your studies and achieve bright success in 12th Electronics Exam of March 2016
All the questions are checked, edited & rewritten by the long term experienced senior teacher in bifocal electronics Prof. D.S.Vidyasagar

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12th Std. Electrical Maintenance HSC Board Papers (FREE Download)

These are the HSC Board Question Papers of past few years from 2007 to 2013. The serial numbers and confidential codes on the papers are deliberately hidden to avoid any objection from HSC Board.

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Starting from 15 Nov. 2015, 10AM.
Other timings also available: 4pm, 5pm and 8pm. Register name on this link:

For the students sitting for the exam of March 2016. 
Starting from 10 January, 2016.
Register your name: 9960991991

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Video lecture on INSTRUMENTS for the students of 12th electronics. This lecture covers complete chapter. Refer our notes while watching this video.

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Now learn in the comforts of your home...!

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* 5 common myths about bifocal vocational electronics *

Don’t get misguided by anyone who tells you that this subject is not important. Remember, the whole world is running on and developing on electronics. If you take electronics aways from this world, there would be left nothing but silence….!
Click this link to read more:

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FREE Environmental Science Projects for 12th standard students

You can now download these project reports for FREE, distribute them among your classmates and friends and even on social network and learn the deeper aspects of Environmental Science Subject.

All these projects are presented here in .pdf protected format and they are password protected. Please use the password: VSAProjects2015 to open each file.

These .pdf files are given with relevant Journal Assignments. You can download the same and use the same password for all the assignments.

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