Is there anyway to send group text yet?

It looks like the latest build is showing that it is always running in the background on Oreo. Is that expected? Seems like it shouldn't be showing that

Looking for an app that syncs AT&T Advanced Messaging Texts. Used MightyText previously and it would not. Giving Yappy a try.

The product is garbage and I had to uninstall it. Very unreliable.

I've had Yappy now for almost a year and my original problem remains. I have Evolve and it suggested I get Yappy and together, I can sometimes get my texts, sometimes they go out, sometimes they sync contacts, sometimes, I can even get the picture that goes with it. What I'm saying is the only thing I'm guaranteed every time with this app, is that it's unreliable and there's a good chance that I'll either send a text that won't leave, receive a text that won't show, or have a contact that won't sync the name and picture associated with it.

I know that you wont reply to me anymore, but its not correct from your side. I am totally blind person, using Yappy especially via XMPP protocol. 3 months, XMPP worked fantastic. I purchased lifetime subscription, and now about 2 weeks I cannot send messages using XMPP. I am receiving messages regulary, but sending is not working. Would you like to do something to repair this, reset my account, or do whatever? XMPP is paid feature, its not fair that I am not able to use it. It worked great before, what is now problem?

i want my friends to come on here and chat with me

Hey Marius, I just wanted to thank you again for all your work on Yappy while almost every other internet, computer, message, or web-based service provider continues to nickel and dime me to death with every excuse for higher charges. Merry Christmas!

Why don't we have themes on windows?

What would be considered normal battery usage for Yappy when not receiving messages? Most of my chatting is done via Hangouts, so I receive few SMS/MMS messages, but I'm lately seeing 20% -30% of my battery going to Yappy. Could it be notification mirroring that's doing it?
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