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We have a group chat about the project so here are the screenshots of it all so that you can see. I am the green.

I also sent this last night and no one answered so I didn't screenshot it because it was too long. But I sent this:

"hi so just because I feel like not everyone knows what's going on, I'm just going to set everything straight.
The google form we are using for the survey has been shared to everyone's school account. Feel free to add on or change anything if you want too. We are doing a simple random survey. We will do 25 from each grade level so each person will have a grade level.
If anyone wants to change that, we can. Just thought I'd assign it so there wasn't any confusion tomorrow.
you probably didn't see Taylors note on google classroom but tomorrow while he is gone we are selecting the people we are interviewing and putting them in a spreadsheet he created for each of us in google classroom.
So you need to take the list he posted of your grade level, find out the total number of students on the list, put it into the calculator random number generating thing (if you forget how to do it, someone in the class will hopefully remember or google it) and get 25 random numbers. Then go and find the student that is that number on the sheet and write their name, grade, and class in the spreadsheet he gave.
Sorry, don't want to sound like a control freak or anything, but I feel like no one else is taking charge or doing anything so I just wanted to make sure everyone understood what needed to happen in class tomorrow. If anyone has any questions, just ask."
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Does anyone have any idea's on what we want to do our survey about? Here are mine, but I'm open to anything.

I was thinking maybe something about texting/drinking/etc. while driving or something about like "future" like what their plans are after high school i.e college, job, military, family etc.

but again, I'm up for anything if anyone else has any better ideas!

group chat

decide the subject you guys would like to use then we can discuss the questions.

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