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1. No god-modding!
Godmodding is not fun for any RPer, as it can ruin a good flow of a Roleplay.

2. No mary sues/gary stus
If you have a mary sue/gary stu, please remake your OC or leave.

3. Don't use excessive cursing.
Cursing is allowed, but it shouldn't be used in every minute.

4. No Sin!
Light Sin/innuendos is okay, but don't hardcore sin as it can make other really uncomfortable.

5. Have fun!

Well,This community is dead.


SillySquad! AU(Please join here)

Description: This takes place before and after the actual events of BATIM
happen. Inspired by Rebornica's FNAF AUs. Basically chaos, animating, and
dank memes combined.

The Main Cast:

Joey Drew: Otherwise known as 'The Gaylord' by Sammy Lawrence, Joey loves
Henry and will literally kill anyone who tries to hit on Henry.

Henry: Henry is Joey's husbando as they are a married couple, even if he
sins alot more than he needs too. He also works as a co-owner, and lead

Wally Franks: Wally is an innocent cinnamon role who is always attached to
Sammy Lawrence and loves to hangout with him. He is also a sinner and a
trouble maker by complete accident, or intentional. He gets paid 5 dollars
a week. Tho, he used to work at Disney with Susie Campbell.

Sammy Lawrence: Known to his peers, mostly Wally as 'Bendy's Prophet', He
has a undying love for Bendy-senpai, which is mostly mocked fun of by Wally.
Despite Sammy having an undying hatred for Joey, he's mostly neutral on
Wally. Either making him miserable, or just making him a casual dick.

Susie Campbell: A voice actress who has voiced as multiple background characters,
including Minnie in the supposed infamous 'Mickey and Minnie sextape' Wally and Susie were
paid to do. She voices Alice Angel at Silly Vision. She usually takes out her frying pan
whenever Wally or Sammy piss her off.

Meet the toons!
Bendy: Bendy. The leader of the bunch. Bendy is a normal dancing demon who has
a undying hatred for Sammy due to Sammy's addiction to the dancing fiend.
He's married to Alice Angel, and believe it or not, has 8 kids!

Alice Angel: Sometimes nicknamed 'Bendy's Cumbucket' by Sammy or Wally, Alice
has an addiction of having kids. Alice gets really mad very easily and will shank
anyone with her knife if she gets called a bitch by anyone. She is really protective
with Bendy.

Boris the Wolf: The Stereotypical strong dumb guy, except he's the opposite of
dumb. Tho, having strength, he has a heart of a loveable kid who likes playing on
his clarinet. Boris loves to hangout with Bendy.

Indigo: Indigo! One of Bendy and Alice's 8 kids. Indigo is full demon with the rare "Ink Diasese." If she gets called a bitch, she will call susie to whip their ass. Sometimes named a, "Indi-goo" By her young brother, Inky. She's casually drunk, and for a living, writes music like Sammy Lawrence!

Buster The Bunny:Sometimes called 'Rabbit Dummy' by Sammy or Henry,Buster is your typical everyday rabbit but with a few changes he is careless but if someone triggers him he goes all nuts,he is drunk most of the time and recently he accidentally set a oven on fire,But he has a passion for music and usually plays the trumpet he also been known to drop anvils on Boris sometimes but they usually backfire.

((Also, i'm primarily going to RP Here and the Bendy Livestream thing.

In Sillyvision, Wally Franks, Sammy Lawrence, and Susie Campbell are new workers to the studio after they got fired from Disney for an 'certain' incident.

It was the day where Joey picks the jobs for the 3 peers.

"Finally! Is this SillyVision?"

Ayy. I wish I can draw comics for this AU, but I cant draw for shit!
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