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Stuck With A Child//Her Name Is Alana// (pronounce ah-lah-nuh)
Sam's girlfriend disappeared a while ago, Turns out one of the reasons she disappeared is cuz she was Pregnant, Sam gets a phone call about a year and 9mths after her disappearance, She happens to be dead and the child alive, Now the kid is Sam's problem... But Sam can't take care of a child... too much work, He turns to his eldest daughter Izzy to take care of her step sister for him...
She is 1 years old

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+Z/Demonica +Isabelle Dragneel here ran outta room for your guys' rp so here ya go

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Originally shared by ****

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A bunch of magical pets show up at our doorstep in RP
(There is 12 total, minus the one thats Izzy's)
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This one is Izzy's tho

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+Z/Demonica I tried searching up pictures, but i can't find what I'm looking for as Emily, I see you use an app...could you possible make a girl with short blonde hair, blue eyes, happy, and a bit of a style similar to the idea of her clothing pic like gothic or something? IF U COULD THAT WOULD BE GREAT ^^
I think you use an app....if not then lol nevermind i just can't find the right pic lol
If not I will find or make something lol

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Comic Dub #EDITS (i took pics and edited a bit)
(inside ** is action)
(inside speech bubbles is talking)
(not in speech bubbles is thinking)
(I got bored lol)
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(ran outta room rp here ok? +Garroth Ro'Maeve +Z/Demonica)

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Name: Emily

Age: same as Cas

Nicknames: none

Looks like: (don't have pic yet) short blond hair, straight and wavy a tiny bit at bottom, mainly straight, blue eyes, tall (outfits below sorta)

Family: unknown

Friends: Cas, Izzy

Powers: She's an Arch-Angel

Bio: almost the same as Cas, Cas and Emily are heavens most wanted, the fact Emily is an Arch - Angel makes it worse. Emily is secretly dating Cas and only Izzy knows why (will add back story later along with Izzy's back story*

Favorite Weapon: her Arch-Angel blade

Weaknesses: Cas

Crush/Lover/Boyfriend: Cas (Boyfriend)
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