help Orphanage in Tanzania. i am trying to raise an amount of money to help our Orphan friends. Orphans are children with no parents. some they died and some where thrown away in streets. my aim is to find people out there who can and are willing to help them with school fee, clothes, food e.t.c
please if there is someone out there who have a heart to help, each money i get i use it to the orphanage. i use it to buy text books, pen, ruler and all other school needs. but, if i get more, i pay their school fee and buy them clothes and shoes. i will be so thankful to get help from anyone out there. archmat chalii is my group that we have started inoder to try get anything for helping the orphans. if there is someone out there who is reading this at the moment, please help. ( IF YOU WANT TO HELP YOU CAN SEND US THROUGH WESTERN UNION or DHL ) you can help with your old clothes that you don't wear them anymore or with money. please send what ever you can to Ahmed Ramole, Tanzania, Moshi, Kilimanjaro and send us E-mail to to give us details on who to get what ever you have send for the children. We thank you for reading this. May the almighty God bless you. HELP ORPHANS because ORPHANS really need your help
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