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Hi folks

It was pointed out to me today that there may be some ... version control issues with regard to ERA. Some of the printed copies are the old version, whilst others are the new all-inclusive version. I'm seeking to rectify this!

I have updated the pdf on RPGNow for the main game with the file that has everything in it - basic rules, advanced rules, both settings, the bestiary and the playsheets.

If anyone doesn't have this version, grab it for free now. PLEASE make it a free grab!!

With the inclusion already of the British Navy, the British Army both infantry and cavalry (including the KGL as the regular Army generation rules really covers everyone in the redcoat!), the Black Brunswickers, the Spanish Guerrillas and for those looking at the Americas the Hessian mercenaries / Jaegers, has anyone come up with another option for players to choose from?

Not so much talking the French, although that would be interesting, but any other allied character types?

Or any other weapons? For instance, anyone statted up the Nock Volley gun?

Or any other house rules?

We might get an injection of new material or ideas here soon from the source, but would be interesting to see how people have adapted the game for their own use.

Anyone? :)

I know +Neil Gow​ had to make the hard decision to drop the D&H / BtQ lines, so officially the games are unsupported, but are there any out there who are still playing? I for one am as there's precious little alternatives for Napoleonic RPGs...
Any house rules anyone had that could add to the game?
Any additional character creation options that have been created (for instance French soldiers to give the view from the other side of the war)
Or, Neil, is there any material still available after all this time that was planned for Vive L'Emperor or D&H Waterloo edition that might be bundled up for the fans?
Still playing this game, so wishing there was some interest out there still... :-(

Has anyone worked on mercenary/plunder/upkeep rules for DH/BtQ? It would be an excellent addition for any pirate or mercenary campaign ideas.

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Here are my ERA Character Sheet & ERA Scene Tracker sheets. It's really fun playing it with these. I've shifted some names to my taste, the structure is the same. Please take a look if you still play ERA Epic Storytelling!

Just discovered ERA Storytelling, fantastic. Don't get Scenes: What does it mean "there can only be one Fire/Ice/... pathway scene"? Isn't each scene a merge of two elements? Or is the "primary element" somewhat dominant? So is the rule "primary scene elements have to be different in each pathway" - or is the rule "make sure that each of the 5 elements used at least once in the pathway scenes"? This is not so clear to me.
i.e. Fire could be chosen as primary element in 1st scene, then as secondary element in 3rd, 5th and then in final gateway scene? Makes the wording "there can only be one..." a bit misleading.

This has been a very difficult decision to come to, but having faced the harsh reality of the matter in the face for a few weeks now, I know it is the right one.

I have decided to discontinue my activities as Omnihedron Games.

This will mean that, sadly, there will be no further games content and that the revised edition of Duty & Honour just wont be happening. I'll be converting my remaining pdf products to 'Pay What You Want' and clearing off any backstock of print that I have ... and then that's that.

Now, I feel the need to explain why and how I came to this decision.

Omnihedron came around at a time of great change in my life and it was a companion for me during some very dark times of redundancy and job hunting. It has been a way of taking my creative urges and channelling them directly into something very exciting. To take an idea and, almost single-handedly, transform it into four books - and then do it again for another - is something that I never thought I would be able to do, but I did!

Now however, life has moved on and as this happens so things change. Staring at the keyboard, waiting to start the text for D&H v2.0 time and again, I realised that I just wasn't inspired anymore. Frankly and honestly, if I have to read another piece of Napoleonic fiction again I may stab someone with a bayonet. The passion that drove me in my writing seven years ago has passed away, eaten up sadly by the relentless demands of my career and my changes in circumstances.

Sorry games design and publishing - I'm just not that into you anymore.

So rather than churn through the process of producing a by-the-numbers revision of D&H and launching it on a kickstarter I wasn't really happy with and then dealing with a launch and the relentless toil of promotion for something I wasn't one iota enthused about, I decided that it was time to just leave it there.

There were other signs - I wanted to be part of the UK RP Collective thingy, but I had no passion there. I wanted to sign up for a table at Dragonmeet, but I had other things to do everytime I sat down to write the email. My website fell down about a month ago and I sort of rescued it but I just couldn't be bothered to re-establish it as it was.  When you just know you're avoiding something, you know it's time to get out.

Its time to get out!

However not without thanks!

There have been dozens of people who have championed my games over the last six years.[b] Mike at Leisure Games[/b] and[b] Jim at Patriot Game[/b]s have been stalwart purchasers and distributors. I have my cabal of trusty playtesters including two sets of insanely pedantic Scottish gamers and of course, my Geordie gaming massive who were always there to help and 'advise'. Throughout the country there have been people who have ran the games and made their name - [b]EvilGaz, Novalord and PurpleDragonWitch[/b] from UKRoleplayers were all trailblazers as were the Dutchies who I don't think I have ever met. There are people who have taken ERA to their hearts and are playing it in schools and colleges to engage young people. As a teacher you can only imagine what pride that gives me!

There are, however, three people I have to single out. Without [b]Malcolm Craig[/b], none of this would have happened and I am forever in his debt for the five minutes he spent talking to me at GenCon and the many subsequent hours of mentoring. [b]Mick Red[/b] has been a BEAST when it comes to promoting all of my games and has probably earned his weight in sales. Finally, and most obviously, [b]Peter Frain [/b](my tamed artist) has been by my side from Day One and he has launched a rather successful career in game art (see the cover of the Fate Toolkit book, Heroes of Hellas, the upcoming Barbarians of Lemuria revision, River of Heaven from d101 and many more). Peter has been awesome, dealing with my loose-ended art 'direction' with aplomb - and he's a great mate.

To every single person who has bought or played my games, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think every gamer secretly wishes to have their own game published and you have let me live the dream.

Now, I think I can hear the Old Guard advancing. Time to face my Waterloo.....

Neil Gow

A message flashed up before but disappeared again asking about help making characters for ERA.

The simplest way I can suggest for becoming better at coming up with this stuff fast and furious is to practice a little making characters that you are familiar with already. So, for example, you might want to make a character from Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings or your favourite comic boo. Your familiarity with the subject matter will make it easier to create the Lore and Trappings from the characters.


My first press of recruits to Duty & Honour: Waterloo Edition is complete and I am thrilled. 

+Peter Frain  has come onboard as Art Director for the project. Pete has been with Omnihedron since day one when I waved a bottle of vodka in his face for a few character sketches. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, including cover art duties for the Fate System Toolkit.

+steff worthington  has agreed to come onboard as official Cartographer. Steffon's amazing mapwork has graced dozens of gaming books and I'm thrilled to see what he can do with the Peninsular.

+Andrew Kenrick  has also agreed to come onboard as Editor. Kenners is a Collective Endeavour alumni and has extensive experience editing throughout the hobby industry to the very highest level ... and he has eyes like an eagle!

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Omnihedron Games is proud to announce 'Duty & Honour: Waterloo Edition' to be launched in 2015.
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