I cannot seem to locate my copy of BtQ anywhere. I am very upset that I cannot locate it.

Does anyone know where I can buy the game these days?

I am looking to do a campaign soon in the vein of Hornblower or Master and Commander and considering using it or Privateers and Gentlemen.

HMS Audacity, Mission Report

Upon capturing the pirate schooner, Suffer's Vengeance, I learned the location of the pirates' base of operations, a small, out of the way island marked on our charts as "Neglected Cay."

Mr. Midshipman Darcy Russell recognized one of the captured pirates as Bates, formerly a Master's Mate in His Majesty's Service, but now both a Deserter and a Pirate. Mr. Russell was able to gain Bates' confidence with promises of leniency, and learned the location of a powerful shore battery guarding the approaches to Neglected Cay. Of course promises made to someone who is both a deserter and a pirate have no hold on a gentleman, and I expect that Bates will suffer the full consequences of his crimes.

Also from Bates, we learned that the pirates had converted one of their prizes into a prison hulk, and were keeping captured English seamen aboard it.

Armed with this knowledge, I organized the men into two parties. Using Suffer's Vengeance, we dropped our marines and much of our crew on the backside of the island, and marched them overland to capture the shore battery. This party, led by my First Lieutenant Mr. Martin Lewrie, and assisted by Lieutenants James Penrose, and Jim Davies captured the battery intact with out the loss of a single man.

After dropping off the first party, the second party continued on in the captured pirate schooner and under the command of Midshipmen Russel and Austin-Leigh, sailed into the harbour of Neglected Cay and captured the prison hulk and rescued the English seamen, some of whom were the crew of the Isis.

With the shore battery and the hulk under our control, my marines faced little resistance as they marched into the small community that the pirates had built for themselves. Neglected Cay was ours.

From documents seized in Neglected Cay, we learned that the pirate, a former American privateer, Devlin Asheton, but now calling himself Captain Fox, had sailed to rendezvous with a French merchant, where booty would be exchanged for money and supplies. Knowing the location of the rendezvous, we sailed forthwith to meet up with HMS Isis.

The next morning, in storm winds, we sighted HMS Isis flying the flag of Captain Fox. I engaged Isis in battle.

Audacity's superior handling in the stormy seas, and my instruction to Lieutenant Davies to have the men well drilled in their gunnery duties, allowed me to control the battle, and we gave much more than we received.

HMS Isis has been recaptured, and it with the utmost humility that I present her to the Admiral.

Signed, Captain Sir Henry Waitson, K.B.

We had session two of our online game of BtQ last night. Some technical issues with Google Hangouts, delayed things a bit, and there was a long planning session as they tried to plan out how they were going to rescue the admiral's grandson from the pirates during the ransom exchange.

In the end, they managed to set off a bomb hidden in the ransom chest, damaging the pirate schooner that had come to the exchange. A short battle ensued, ending in the capture of the schooner, and the rescue of the grandson

I must say, that I'm becoming a convert to the whole playing card mechanic. There was palpable tension as each card was drawn. Cheers when Critical Successes were drawn, and groans when the draw netted the player nothing. The drama of drawing cards was quite unlike the throwing of dice. I'm having a ball.

If all goes as planned, there will only be one more session of this before we return to playing our usual superheroes. There should be an assault on a pirate base, and then the final ship to ship battle with the captured 50 gun ship in their little 32. Hey! Hornblower was able to beat Natividad in Lydia, so it can be done. Cue evil laugh.

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Inspired by my foray into the Omnihedron library Napoleonic section for that BtQ question, I thought I would share a 'shelfie' if the entire thing. If you do ever need a nugget of period information I almost certainly have it squirreled away amongst this lot! Just ask.
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One more question, but only a flavor question. I'm looking for a list of the typical gun sizes on each deck of ship in the era. I have a PC run 32 with 12 pounders on their gun deck, going up against a 50 two decker. I want to scare them a little bit with the 50's broadside weight, but I'm having trouble finding out exactly what that typically was.

My Google-fu appears to be weak.

I have a question regarding rules: for healing, whether it is for a person or the ship, what is the opposing card pool? Or is there an opposing card pool?

Let's say a person has been Injured in a duel, and the ship's surgeon is right there patch him up. The surgeon's First Aid is skill is 4, and the patient's Guts is 3. I'm assuming the Surgeon would draw 7 cards. What would be the opposing pool, or would I just draw a Card of Fate?

Similar question for a frigate. Hull has one point of Injury. A PC with the appropriate skill is attempting to repair it. I think it is implied in the example on p. 106 that the PC's card pool is just compared to the CoF without there being an opposing pool, but I can't find where that is explicitly stated, and the chapter on Tests makes it sound like there is always an opposing card pool of some sort.

My interpretation is that in a few cases, Healing being one, there is no opposing card pool drawn by the GM, though, just a CoF. Is this true?

Thank you.

Inspired by +Keith Jacobson and reminded by +Brian Wille, here's a brief summary of our adventures on HMS Orion (in a single online playsession!):

Chapter One: In which the officers and men of HMS Orion made arrangements for the legendarily priapic Admiral Gordon to be welcomed to Chatham Dockyards in Kent. A bawdy time was had and the Admiral's requirements were well-met by the local girls and cardsharps.

Chapter Two: In which HMS Orion sailed round the southern coast of England in a race with HMS Flying Fish, culminating in a narrow victory for Orion in a gunnery contest, blowing up the target barrel with the last cannonball. The Captain held a formal dinner in which the cook told of his preparing a meal for Nelson himself, the First Lieutenant told of a former love affair, and the Midshipman spoke of a time trapped under a mast. All of which impressed and entertained the Captain and the Admiral!

Chapter Three: In which a foul storm brewed quickly in the Bay of Biscay, the tops'ls and the t'gallants needed taking in to avoid the ship foundering in high seas. Bravely the cook leapt into the rigging but fell to the deck as the main tops'l tore in the powerful strong winds, injuring himself and dismaying the crew, who were looking forward to another tot of his ginger spiced rum.

Chapter Four: In which Orion crept up to the north coast of Spain - Basque territory, and where the main French Armies are gathered - with a view to raiding stores and supplies with which to effect repairs. Intrigue, distractions and the goading of the commander of the French frigate Alacrité by the First Lieutenant led to a success. Repairs were effected - on to Gibraltar!

Last week I made our online group take a break from the superheroes that we usually play, and foisted Beat To Quarters on them. They are a group that is very open to trying new things, and I thought that the session went well. We have at least one more session, maybe two of naval action before we return to the four color world.

They are the crew of the British 32 gun frigate, HMS Audacity, just a few months after the end of the American Revolution, stationed in the West Indies. While all letters of marque have been revoked following the outbreak of peace, some privateers have chosen to go pirate. Once Audacity gets her new captain (NPC), she will join the rest of the fleet hunting down pirates.

Once we polished off character creation, and some introductory role-playing, and the arrival of the new captain, we had time for one Challenge, and the Captain's Favor.

The Challenge involved HM Brig Comet entering port, showing obvious signs of getting mauled in battle. Both masts are gone, replaced with a precarious jury rig. She is barely able to sail close enough to the wind to enter port. Sure enough, there's an unfavorable shift in the wind, she's caught aback, the jury rigged carries, and she is drifting helplessly towards the rocks under the fort. Audacity is the only ship close enough to provide a rescue.

The Challenge went well. They managed to tow Comet to safety. It seemed
like everyone enjoyed narrating how they were helping in the rescue of Comet.

After Comet's rescue, they learned that HMS Isis (50) had gone to the rescue of a foundering, British merchant ship, only to have a horde of pirates swarm up from the merchant and catch her completely unaware. Isis then turned her guns on Comet. Only nightfall allowed Comet to escape. Now the pirates have a powerful ship with which to ravage British shipping in the West Indies.

To complicate matters, the Admiral's grandson was serving as a midshipman in Isis. Thus the mission is introduced: Recapture or destroy Isis, and rescue or avenge the Admiral's grandson.

I think that they enjoyed competing for the the Captain's Favor even more. The topic that the captain proposed, was everyone's opinion on how long it would be before the upstart colonists in America either were conquered by someone else or begged to rejoin the Empire. Skill being tested was Diplomacy. We're a bunch of Americans and we got a kick out of the fact that we were competing to see how wrong we could be about history.

The Surgeon won the Captain's Favor, but since we were running out of time I'm letting him keep his bonus for next session.

Generally, I'm more of a handful of dice kind of guy when it comes to game mechanics, but in practice I enjoyed how the playing card mechanics worked. Normally our online games are done with a Google Hangout, and we just roll our dice physically at home. Since being able to see the cards was important, I created a game in Roll20 with two decks of cards, a GM deck that doesn't have any Jokers, and a player's deck with a Joker. In general, we're not big Roll20 fans, but for this it worked pretty well.

My goal for next session is to get the character's reputations more involved. And get Audacity to sea.

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