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Here's what he removed today, now you can  see just how "fair"  and "even handed" this guy moderating Maria's discussions really has been, my guess is he's removed a bunch of comments arbitrarily that we don't know about, and this shows it.

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A better photo :)

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Wonder what effect this will have, if any, on the policies we here all so... uh.... love....  :|

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Hmmmmm.... apparently Linda Kellie has been quietly hanging out in one of the opensim worlds for a little while under a different name, and is now officially back. I wonder if she's let go of any of her issues in the interim.

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Walter's post to his slave group in OSgrid warning his slaves not to post on the OSG forums about ANYTHING being done on their regions, this was after he and I got into a bruhaha there and I sort of called out his slave/BDSM activities

OSgrid concurrency down another 60 %

When Hiro hijacked OSgrid, insulted and abused big parts of its user base, and banned anyone daring to question or criticize his action, he managed to decrease OSgrid concurrency from an average of 95 simultaneously logged in users at 2013-01-13 to 53 at 2013-05-24.

After someone made Hiro realize that every time he opened his mouth, he drove off new hordes of users from OSgrid, and he shut up and disappeared from the public scene, concurrency slowly recovered to 83 at 2014-08-17. Then came the half-year long OSgrid outage, 2014-08-18 - 2015-02-24, during which concurrency of course by definition went down to 0.

When OSgrid came back online, for a while it seemed business as usual, with concurrency numbers climbing rapidly to about 90, at 2015-03-15 - 2015-03-28. But probably this to a big extent were people trying to rescue what they could before Hiro's incompetence would shut OSgrid down again, because in the next 2 1/2 months, concurrency declined by 60 %, from 90 to 36 at 2015-06-11, of which 10 down in just the last week from 46 at 2015-06-04.

All concurrency numbers above are trends over the previous 4 weeks extrapolated to the actual date, to exclude short and random fluctuation, as well as the cyclic variations over the week and month.

If the decline in OSgrid concurrency was to continue at present rate, OSgrid would be the perfectly empty ghosthouse in just another few weeks. Of course, this will hardly be the case, but OSgrid concurrency, and with time alse active figures, will level out at a substantially lower level than before, leaving it to compete with the other medium-sized grids bubbling below Metropolis, and finally being regarded as just a pure test grid interesting to no-one else but the hardcore tech geeks.

I guess in the end, even those who were ignorant of or indifferent to Hiro's bullying and banning of people when he first hijacked OSgrid, had enough when they themselves instead were repeatedly hit by his incompetence in managing OSgrid technically. And even now, despite experience and unlike other more competently managed grids, OSgrid neither makes backups or offers IAR saving to those without own sims connected to OSgrid.

Several of Hiro's bully-boys have commented the critics with "If you don't like it in OSgrid, just shut up and go somewhere else!" That is exactly what is happening now. No big drama, but people just silently leaving. Let's just hope the Hiro bunch will feel the same way when they realise those "whiners" leaving were also the ones informed enough both to know about Hiro's failures and the simple fact that even a "free" thing like OSgrid costs money to run, and cared enough both to be bothered by Hiro's actions and willing to pay for a grid they once enjoyed. As is now, Hiro and his fanbois will soon have to pay entirely themselves for the private sandbox that Hiro turned OSgrid into.

(edited faulty date for OSgrid coming back online: 2015-04-24 -> 2015-02-24)

Now we learn there's more OsGrid database problems and people lost inventory, amazingly people who were without  a home grid and thier stuff  for 6 MONTHS due to these clowns flocked to Metro and others, and when OSG was back up they all flocked back again only to be hit with yet another crash!

Now someone said they have seen people who flocked to Metro from OSG coming back no dount to re-save inventory on Metro that was LOST on OSG, and instead of sticking with METRO which has been completely stable- they go flocking back to this TEST GRID for another round of burning their ASSets LOL, I swear they are a glutton for punishment.

“It appears that for the last month or so, the asset server was unable to write assets to the database,” OSgrid administrator Allen Kerensky said in yesterday’s announcement."

New handle for James now?

The grid has not yet released numbers as to what percentage of the new content was lost"

Of course they won't release numbers!

"The fact that inventory items were being cached by viewers or individual regions hid this problem, he explained."


"OSgrid logins are  currently closed for additional asset service work and set additional cluster parameters."

Sounds like code for : our database and drives are screwed up again, it might be another 6 months before you can access the grid.

I heard Hiro was banning people again, a kid sized av who had a tail, anyone really surprised when the same jerk is still part of that grid?
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