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Here are the rules

Yiff is allowed on wensdays ONLY

No spam

No non related furries things

All rp are open (if you wanna rp with people you want to rp then do it on hangouts)

No fighting in a rp unless approved by a mod

You can't rp unless your profile is approved

If you make a profile then pls PLS use your fursona if you can't make one then tell us who made the art

Be nice

Mod rules (can we make it where you have to ask to join because of the PITA and the UPPT or whatever there called)

Check peoples g+ profile to see if they are a true furry

Help otheres

Approve rp profile if they are decripvied and meet the standards

Do your job the right way

Ban people IF NEEDED and delete post IF NEEDED


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Hey every mod me and +Keyyakuフェンリル 刈り取り機​​ are hosting a hangout gathering 

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Y'all are missing yiff wensday. i don't own the art.
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Thank you for accepting me.
I am the original owner of the furry protection agency and xXMalenciaXx is my co-owner.

Hello all, how arth thou?

I am going too try to get this community protected guys okay.
EDIT We have been protected guys through the furry protection alliance!

Guys I the ONLY one posting what's going on? Wait I'm posting now HEEEEELLLPPPPP

Anyone wanna art trade or something I'm board

I'm board and I wanna do a art trade (a free art trade) can someone connect me on hangouts with pics of your fursona and pics of mine and we can both post them here!

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Thx for making me an owner!!! I'll try my best!!
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