I'm missing so much the multiplayer part of this game. The levels aren't bad, but the on foot missions are a bit boring. It ends up being repetitive.
With online matches the game was a lot less repetitive. Are there any chances that online can come back? Online races would also be cool.

This is just what I think, it is still an awesome game.

Hello, another newbie here.

Installed the game on Samsung Note 3, paired with a Samsung BT keyboard. Game recognized some of the keyboard commands, but at some point for no apparent (to me) reason - it displays the gamepad (not keyboard) menu and refuses to go any further, not even to exit.

Any ideas?

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a list of keys for you guys in this group.
post key as you use them to help others find good key:

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Full game is released, it's able to hide onscreen nav buttons:

If any of you in this google group want a free key to redeem a free game then msg me here. All I ask is that you leave a favorable rating and report any bugs here.

How do you plan on preventing motion sickness? Rotation only input for longer durations has significantly increased the chance of motion sickness for users. The Oculus Rift DK1 proved this point very well.

I am experiencing the uncontrollable rotational bug on Android. I would like to know how i can help you to debug it?

System Specs
* Android: 5.1.1
* OS: Oxygen OS
* Phone: One Plus One
* Google Cardboard: Powis
* Controller: Ouya Controller

Hello, I'm new to flight simulations and setting up the joysticks and keyboards to go with them. But I'd love to play this game. It looks awesome.

I've been trying to play it through blue stacks on my computer. When I get into the program, I get some hot keys, but the darn things change around every time I'm in the simulation and I have no idea how to put it on a joystick. (A separate set up instructional Menu, would be great.)

But for now, a video with instructions on how to set up a keyboard or joystick, would be very helpful for a newbie like me.

Thanks, Birdie

best VR game I have played, I look foward to all the great things in the future. I hope there's going to be a first person walking with a weapon with a really cool hud like in the ship. But im just suggesting. Also maybe have a ship mode and a walk mode? That would be cool!

Thanks for joining me in. How can i be a beta tester? There sims to be to link of the beta version?
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