Lily Hali Stavros's Demigod Rank Quiz
1.) What did Jason get hit with in the beginning of MoA?
a flying brick, thrown by angry New Romans
2.) Name 3 of Percy's brothers 
Pegasus, Triton, Sciron, Tyson.  (Yeah, okay, it's four- I wasn't sure if they were all correct.))
3.) What did Tyson name his hippocampi?
4.) What did Annabeth get kidnapped by in the Titan's curse
Dr. Thorn, the Manticore who was working for the Titans.
5.) Name two Titans who were defeated in the last olympian and what their powers were (like titan of sun, etc.)
Kronos: Lord of time (could slow/speed time) and King of Titans
Hyperion: Titan of the East (Could bust into flame, get really hot, walk on water, and glow really brightly.)
6.)Who defeated the Drakon? 
Clarisse and Silena
7.) What is Gaea's roman name?
8.) What happened to frank in HoH?
He became the Praetor, got the blessing of Ares/Mars, and got a lot hotter.
9.) Why do we think Uncle rick is a troll?
because he is an evil-minded genius of cliffhangers, both literal and literary, who is more evil than Octavian and Umbridge combined. HE PUSHED PERCABETH INTO TARTARUS!!
10.) Who is Reyna's sister? How do they know Percy? Hylla, Queen of the Amazons, and they know Percy because he burnt down the spa of Circe where the lived and worked, forcing hem to become the prisoners of pirates.
11.) Name what frank did to get out of the Chinese handcuffs.
He turned into an Iguana.
12.) Name 3 flaws from the PJO movie
-Annabeth's hair is brown
-They never go to the saint lois arch
They completely mess up how the capture the flag game works Percy and Annabeth are not supposed to be against each other.
I really don't want to stop now.  I haven't even mentioned how Luke has a TV in his own private cabin..... Sigh
13.) Name 3 things calypso gave Leo in HoH before he left.
-a kiss
-a flame-proof pouch for Frank's firewood
-assistance making the navigation system for his raft

It's called Fandom University, so should the characters mostly be college aged?

The Mortal Instruments Ranking Quiz

1.) Name the main goal of the Circle
Ridding the world of all downworlders
2.) Name 3 downworlders
Camille, Magnus, (RIP) Raphael
3.) What is Camille's relationship with Magnus?
In the infernal devices it was adoring one another but just in tmi it's mostly a hate relationship
4.) How did Simon become a day lighter?
By drinking Jace blood in City of Ashes which had an extra kick of Angel blood
5.) What was the name of the rune Clary drew to help win the Mortal War?
Alliance rune
6.) What's Luke's sister's name?
7.) What prevents mortals fro. Seeing Shadowhunters?
8.) What did Jace learn from his falcon?
Love is to destroy, and to be loved is the one being destroyed
9.) Why doesn't Isabelle trust men?
Her dad's affair with another woman before Max was born
10.) Who turned Maia into a werewolf?
11.) What is Luke's real name?
Lucian Graymark
12.) What is Magnus' warlock mark? [Ex: some have blue skin, webbed feet, etc.]
His cat eyes
13.) Who killed most of the Silent Brothers in City of Ashes?

I walk down the dorm hall dragging a large blue suitcase with a messenger bag on my shoulder and a small blue and black baby dragon in my arms then I trip, my pet flying out of my arms

Name:Clara Rose Amelia Holmes
Age: 15
Species: Gallifreyan
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Riordan
Rank: ???
Fandom id: don't have one
Powers: Time travel, regeneration
Strengths: knowledge, books
Weaknesses: fangirling
Fatal Flaw: pride
Weapons: sonic screwdriver, sword
Bio; (optional)
pic or desription of person: brown hair with blonde streaks, blue eyes, thin, tan skin, 5'5"

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Name:Roxy Evans
Fandoms:One Direction
Fandom ID:District 12,Poseidon
Fatal Flaw:She's gullible
Bio:She moved to London when she was twelve. She went to the same school as Harry,did. They became,best friends and they are inseparable.
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After avoiding the dorm all day, I finally go to mine, carrying a duffel bag and some books. I open the door and see you sitting on your bed...

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