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Project P.E.K.K.A. is now Paladins! Join our alpha testing for the next greatest Clash of Clans experience.

Put your email in the comments below to get an invite!

My email is please invite me as I love CoC and would love to test out Paladins

Hi!! I'm italian, sorry for my english..!! Someone can tell me what and how I do to create a CoC stable server? What files I must upload to create a server with ultrapowa files?

hey you play clash of clan follow me if you play it!


The forums are now on my servers. They're gonna be improved a whole damn lot. :)

hey guys is there anything new coming to project pekka soon or is there a new update to ultrApowa?

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We have a new website! Unfortunately you will have to make a new account and everything because we lost it all when our web hosting account was suspended :( Luckily this website is much better and more beautiful than the other one XD so please join!! 
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