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Android Demolishes iOS (iPhone) in Smartphone Sales Shares Across the Globe: Can Apple Hit Back?

Apple iPhone is facing far bigger challenges than we thought earlier, and the drill down by country wise sales performance exposes that. Android continuing to grow sales across the US, Urban China and EU5 (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain). In the US, Android share increased 7.3% YoY points to 65.5%, and in China, it rose nearly 6% YoY points to over 77.7% in Q1 2016. While in US, Apple iOS share decreased 5% YoY to 31.6%, and in China, with 21.1% of sales, iOS suffered a 5% point fall. It would be interesting to see how Apple will hit back with their new iPhone SE and upcoming iPhone 7.

#apple #android #iOS #iphone

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Meet 'Accessibility Clickjacking': A new malware threatens more than 500 million Android devices. This time hackers found an innovative way to gain the access rights on your Android Device - An Invisible Dialog Box. [REPORT-CMR]
So, Is your Android device really safe ?

The latest data from suggests that only 34.1% of #Android devices run on   #Lollipop and 1.2% on the #Marshmallow . Added together they form a tiny 35.3% of the total Android device base, and the remaining 64.7% are in danger of succumbing to this new malware.

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Who invented the #AndroidSmartphones?, Which was the first #smartphone with #AndroidOperatingSystem? What are the different versions of #androidsOS that are available in the market?, If you want a complete list of Androids smartphones updates? Or How to get an Android update to your android device?

Below are the answers for all your questions that we have tried to cover in this “Complete History Of Androids Operating System” titled post and its our promise to you, that you will not go bare hands from here. Click to continue

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Just Droid Designs proudly presents DTF Time Series - Analog just went live on play store!!
Don't sleep on it folks, go grab your copy now for free!!

I feel that the imminent move to Android "L" is a step in the right direction. It gives developers a final definition of that Android is meant to look like (at least for this release) and allows them to piggyback on the genius of material design and all of the UI elements that are being brought into play. My thing is, now, Android, and I mean stock, core, AOSP Android, needs to innovate. We have a beautiful UI coming in with some nifty little tricks to make it more efficient or smarter or more accessible, but that leaves us no better off than iOS releases. We need genius development and new user-impacting features like the ones we bake in with our custom ROMs.

Imagine a world where Google turns to AOSP custom ROMs and brings in developers directly from there to help create a better user experience...that's the type of completely new approach to developing that would take Android over the edge and shove Apple and Windows way off of the wall, let Aline the picture that's hanging on it.

Thanks for the invite +Angel Solis

Thank u for invite & community  +Angel Solis

Thanks for the invite +Angel Solis

Thanks for the invite 😊 +Angel Solis
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